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Ep028: Kevin Burkett (Electrical Guitar Company)


Ep028: Kevin Burkett (Electrical Guitar Company)

The Electrical Guitar Company is a world wide purveyor of hand made aluminum necked guitars. Inspired by Travis Bean. Hear us talk to Mr. Burkett about “Not famous or not famous, vs. dick or not a dick”, why he considers EGC a machine shop that make guitars, the Melvins and Katy Perry And why If you want to get emotional and slam your sh**, he’ll fix it, All this plus premiers by Survival Knife, The Gary and New Cowboy Builders.

Ozark Bowtie by Tilts from Tilts

Henry Don’t Get Love by Le Butcherettes from Sin Sin Sin
King Corky by Nonagon from The Last Hydonaut

Ms. DNA by Roomrunner from Seperate
Coming Up For Air by The Gary from Farewell Foolish Objects

Interview with Kevin Burkett:

Art school kids vs machinists, Sympathy between syphillis & suicide… Forklifts and carcasses. “I’ll be damned. It worked.”

Thud of the Jackboot by Survival Knife from Survivalized
Black Moses by New Cowboy Builders

End of Radio (Closing Theme) by Shellac from Excellent Italian Greyhound



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