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Ep031: Jason Myers - (Author: Exit Here, The Mission, Run the Game, etc.)


Ep031: Jason Myers - (Author: Exit Here, The Mission, Run the Game, etc.)

Author Jason Myers joins us in studio as we talk about Dark night of the soul “nobody cares”, exit here media/jason myers sex theatre, being the 8th page of google, expectations vs results. The inside baseball of being a big time writer and other such things. It’s a good’un! NOTE: first hour of the show is missing due to Skippy the internet screwing up the archival machine. Sorry! Anyway, get into it.

Tilts – Ozark Bowtie (Opening theme)

Kid Dakota – Smokestack
St. Vincent – Digital Witness
The Gary – Original Air-Blue Gown

Girlpool – Blah Blah Blah
Vulgar Trade – Daryl Gates L.A.P.D.

Shellac – The End of Radio (closing theme)



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