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Ep041: the Neutron and Gritzy Show II - The Final Solution of Fun


Ep041: the Neutron and Gritzy Show II - The Final Solution of Fun

The “Final Solution of fun” returns once again for a raucous fill in episode. As Neutron and Gritzy spin sweet jams and hot rock. Premieres from Thoughts Detecting Machines and Heroine Complex. New music from Sleater-Kinney, Rock Lotto, legacy bands, calls from Rebecca and Jess of Happy Fangs and Bob Bucko Jr. of Dubuque “tylenol 3 is a hell of a drug”, Matt Frewer look alike mom-hasslers, bad bandnames for good bands and so VERY much more.

12:00am: Neutron and Gritzy show – Opening theme(s) Raise our Fists Up by Minutes from Roland
12:04pm: In the Right by Thoughts Detecting Machines from Work The Circuits
12:06pm: In the Morning by Happy Fangs from Capricorn

Happy Fangs record release talk up, on stage puppets, “inappropriate” covers. Evan goes to (but does not participate) in “Rock Lotto” and proceeds to list all of the preposterous one off bands and their schtick.

12:20pm: Rags and Bones by NoMeansNo from Wrong
12:26pm: Bury Our Friends by Sleater-Kinney from No Cities to Love

Sleater-Kinney talkup. New records, legacies and being excited about new material from legacy bands

Harvey Milk’s the pleaser

12:34pm: Rock and Roll Party Tonight by Harvey Milk from the Pleaser

The pleaser.. a very erudite stupid, Paul Stanley and his Labrador, far too much talk about Eric Carr,… Peter Criss

12:44pm: Don’t Eat the Bag of Dicks Marked “Bob” In the Break Room Fridge by Split Pricks from Hang In There Baby
12:46pm: Fuck City by Legal Fingers from No Time For Tenderness

Dubuque rock block and talk, tiny bass amps, sister grizzly show talk up, and stand-ies of rock stars and large cabinets.

12:59pm: California by Everyone Is Dirty from Dying Is Fun
1:02pm: Comm House by SEMINARS from Dreamcrusher

Call from Rebecca and Jess from Happy Fangs, more talk of puppets and moms. Matt Frewer lookalikes, singing and playing drums, Mom-agers and more. Bob Bucko Jr calls in from Dubuque to talk blizzards and Dubuque rock block bat signals. riding lonesome on west coast tours, foulmouth and Elliot Gould on bass “tylenol 3 is a hell of a drug”

1:20pm: Walking With Jesus by Bob Bucko Jr.

“Rob Zombie says yeah.”, and John Houlihan knows the soundman

1:29pm: A Complete Divorce by Body Futures from Brand New Silhouettes
1:34pm: Shhmna by Helms Alee from Night Terror

Helms Alee show wrap-up. Neutron french exits, underboob and amazons. Body Futures talk, etc.

1:45pm: You Make My Dreams by CN & the Minions from PRF Tribute to Hall and Oates
1:46pm: This Way by Heroine Complex from Hollow

bad band names for good bands, and Swami John Reis needs to get on point with pre-orders… closing comments.

1:52pm: Lemon Squeezer by Soft White Sixties from Get Right
1:57pm: Brown Room by Swami John Reis and the Blind Shake from Modern Surf Classics



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