An office worker in Memphis, Tennessee plays music from his record collection

Mostly post-punk and electronic music. Broadcasts Wednesday nights from 9:00 to 10:00 Central on

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Songs From Under the Floorboards 154 - Fabio Frizzi Special


Fabio Frizzi: “Zombi 2 seq. 8” (from Zombi 2)

Fabio Frizzi: “A Cat in the Brain seq. 12” (from A Cat in the Brain)

Fabio Frizzi: “Manhattan Baby seq. 3” (from Manhattan Baby)

Fabio Frizzi: “Introduzione, Paura, Liberazione” (from City of the Living Dead)

Bixio/Frizzi/Tempera: “Seven Notes in Black” (from The Psychic)

Fabio Frizzi: “Irrealtà Di Suoni” (from City of the Living Dead)

Fabio Frizzi: “Sequenza Ritmica E Tema” (from The Beyond)

Fabio Frizzi: “Zombi 2 seq. 2” (from Zombi 2)

Fabio Frizzi: “Drums in Trouble” (from The Scorpion with Two Tails)

The Magnetic System: “Escape (film version)” (from Day of Violence)

Fabio Frizzi: “Manhattan Baby seq. 4” (from Manhattan Baby)

The Magnetic System: “Godzilla” (from Godzilla)

Fabio Frizzi: “Zombi 2 seq. 6” (from Zombi 2)

Fabio Frizzi: “Shark: Rosso Nell'Oceano seq. 11” (from Devil Fish)

Fabio Frizzi: “Fate's Melody” (from The Scorpion with Two Tails)

Bixio/Frizzi/Tempera: “Seven Notes in Black (Finale)” (from The Psychic)

Fabio Frizzi: “Voci Dal Nulla” (from The Beyond)





Filetype: MP3 - Size: 54.06MB - Duration: 59:03 m (128 kbps 44100 Hz)

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