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Offensively eclectic and hip-sway driven, SttM will play Whatever It Takes to get asses in motion: disco, techno, house, hip-hop, drum'n'bass, grime, FWD-style dubstep, new wave, no-wave, R&B, indie dance-rock, ska, dub, and anything else we can think of, all thrown into a blender and thrown at your ears in a completely unpredictable hour-long continuous mix. More info at:

Episode 072: New For You!


Cardinal Fang - New For You! [Annual Gerenal Meeting Record (Vol. 1)]
Shackleton - Touched [The Drawbar Organ EPs]
Acquaintance - Polite Applause [Annual Gerenal Meeting Record (Vol. 1)]
Visionist - Snakebite [Snakes EP]
botaz - Paralisis [TAR Class of 2017 Vol. I]
Letta - Locked Up (Acre Remix) [Soundcloud release]
Born in Flamez - Peniz Envy [Co-Op Compilation]
Coldcut - Atomic Moog 2000 (post-nuclear afterlife lounge mix) [Let Us Play]
SKY H1 & Ssaliva - Dooms [Co-Op Compilation]
TYGAPAW - New York is Killing Me (Edit) [Co-Op Compilation]
Objekt - One Fell Swoop [Flatland]
Pixelord - In The Mine [Iron & Cream EP]
Dopplereffekt - Delta Wave [Hypnagogia]
Joker - Digidesign [5 Years of Hyperdub]
Lil Taty - Marabu (Moz Remix) [Marabu EP]
Kode9 - 9 Samurai (Quarta330 Remix) [5 Years of Hyperdub]
Horsepower Productions - Hand of Death [To The Rescue]
Bonaventure - Riposte [Co-Op Compilation]
Wagon Christ - Tally Ho! [Tally Ho!]
$JAYY x TR!CK$ - DUMB RICH [Aubrey Graham Changed My Life Volume III]
VANTAGE - Dat boi... (Vaporwave Edition) [Dat Boi]

BPM: 142

Categories | Offensively Eclectic | Techno


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