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Offensively eclectic and hip-sway driven, SttM will play Whatever It Takes to get asses in motion: disco, techno, house, hip-hop, drum'n'bass, grime, FWD-style dubstep, new wave, no-wave, R&B, indie dance-rock, ska, dub, and anything else we can think of, all thrown into a blender and thrown at your ears in a completely unpredictable hour-long continuous mix. More info at:

Episode 111: Decade of an Afro Warrior


  • The Jesus and Mary Chain - Head On [Automatic]
  • Benga - E Trips [Diary of an Afro Warrior]
  • TGS - On The Run (HP Remix) [To The Rescue]
  • 2562 - Escape Velocity [unbalance]
  • Wiley - Name Brand (feat. JME, Frisco & J2K) [Godfather]
  • Benga - Crunked Up [Diary of an Afro Warrior]
  • Digital Mystikz - Pathwayz [The Roots of Dubstep]
  • Boxcutter - Rikta [Oneiric]
  • Benga - 3 Minutes [Diary of an Afro Warrior]
  • High Plains Drifter x Goldspot Productions NYC - Sholay (Epic Mix) [To The Rescue]
  • Benga - The Cut [Diary of an Afro Warrior]
  • Cyrus (Random Trio) - Paradise Dub [From the Shadows]
  • Neil Landstrumm - Ross Kemp as Pixel [Lord for £39]
  • Benga - 26 Basslines [Diary of an Afro Warrior]
  • Sherwood & Pinch - Stand Strong [Late Night Endless]
  • Benga - Pleasure [Diary of an Afro Warrior]
  • Benga - B4 the Dual [Diary of an Afro Warrior]
  • Benga - Night [Diary of an Afro Warrior]
  • Benga - Loose Synths [Diary of an Afro Warrior]

BPM: 141

Categories | Dubstep | Grime | Rock


Filetype: MP3 - Size: 85.49MB - Duration: 1:00:00 m (199 kbps 44100 Hz)

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