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Offensively eclectic and hip-sway driven, SttM will play Whatever It Takes to get asses in motion: disco, techno, house, hip-hop, drum'n'bass, grime, FWD-style dubstep, new wave, no-wave, R&B, indie dance-rock, ska, dub, and anything else we can think of, all thrown into a blender and thrown at your ears in a completely unpredictable hour-long continuous mix. More info at:

Episode 126: Fear Of Silence


  • LCD Soundsystem - Dance Yrself Clean [This Is Happening]
  • Lechuga Zafiro - C vs S feat. Triangulacion Kultural [Aequs Nyama EP]
  • Automator - Wiling (feat. Neph the Madman) [A Much Better Tomorrow]
  • Trampique - Orange [4 Years]
  • Dreamtime - Cylonian Skyline [ZYX Italo Disco: Spacesynth Collection 2014]
  • Partials - Fear Of Silence [Glossolalia]
  • DJ Plead - M11 [Get In Circle]
  • Fanu - Dreams Are Like Water [Daylightless]
  • Helena Hauff - It Was Fields All Around Here When I Was A Kid [Qualm]
  • king midas sound - Miles and Miles [waiting for you...]
  • Dasychira - Vipera (with Embaci) [Immolated EP]
  • Pram - Wave of Translation [Across The Meridian]
  • B.yhzz - In Dirt, I Saw Clearly [Rejection, Blessing]
  • Le Makeup - Contortion [Hyper Earthy]
  • Air Max '97 - IP68 [Nacre]
  • Tropical Fuck Storm - The Future History [A Laughing Death In Meatspace]
  • Alfred English - Adidas Seatbelt [TAR Class of 2017 Vol. II]
  • Ticklish - A.L.M.V. [SILK ROADS VOL. 1]
  • Madvillain - Raid (feat. M.E.D.) [Madvillainy]
  • Merca Bae - Saffire Riddim [Merca Zip /2017/]
  • Leaders of the New School - Understanding The Inner Mind's Eye [T.I.M.E.: The Inner Mind's Eye]
  • Nu Shooz - I Can't Wait [Freestyle Explosion, Vol. 1]

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