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More info at: Beats and Grooves and Random Left Turns Bob Chapman Bob Chapman yes Episode 166: Back With A Banger Grime, D******, Hard Drum, MISC We Are Not Really Here] Objekt - The Goose That Got Away [Objekt #1] Wiley - Back With A Banger [Godfather] Silkie - Egyptian Merch [Impervious] Commodo - Saracen [Uprising / Saracen] Sudanim - Pleasure Flood [Pleasure Flood] Kave Johnson - Peace Pipe II [Peace Pipe] Client_03 - Debt Loop Buffer [Debt Loop Buffer] MM - Constricted [MM EP] DJ Shadow - Slingblade [Our Pathetic Age] Shackleton - The Branch Is Weak (Geiom Remix) [Soundboy's Gravestone Gets Desecrated By Vandals] Fanu - Paras Ystävä [Serendipity] Skream - I Love The Way [Outside The Box] Neil Landstrumm - Old Rabbits [Lord for £39] Moleskin - Handsome [NH V/A VOL. 1] estoc - BAD GIRL CYCLE (M.I.A. x DOUBT x TENSION) [BAD GIRL CYCLE] Quelu - Carre [Kitsune Parisien] FKA Twigs - fallen alien [MAGDALENE] BPM: 136]]> Grime, D******, Hard Drum, MISC 1:00:04 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman dance, dance mix, dance music, rock, alternative rock, techno. club, dubstep, grime, hard drum, hip hop. house no Wed, 05 Feb 2020 17:36:00 -0800 Episode 162: Broken English Step to the Music Ladytron] Cooly G - It's Serious (feat. Karizma) [Playin' Me] Martyn - Recon [Various Artists (3024-FYE3)] Sunscreem - Broken English [O3] Mark Blair - Dub Poetry [Dub Poetry] Jayda G - Stanley's Get Down (No Parking on the DF) (Honey Dijon Remix) [Significant Changes (Remixes)] Jacques Greene - Say Nothing [Various Artists (3024-FYE3)] Syn - Terra Drums [Syn EP] Robert Hood - Self Powered [Minimal Nation] Matias Aguayo - Support Alien Invasion [Support Alien Invasion] Santa Muerte - No Drip [Diluvio] Daedalus - Deep in Concentration [The Bittereinders] Rhi - Droned [The Pale Queen] Ariel Zetina - I Miss The Sea [Organism EP] MM - Five Rivers [MM EP] Blackpocket - Worlds Together ['ALAYLY'] DJ JM - Quiet Lyf [Sorriso] Capsula - Cold Beats [Dance Is The…] LSDXOXO - FREAKQUENCY [BODY MODS] Maddjazz - Ghetto303 [Time 2 Go To Work] DJ Jayhood - Apologize [KING] Tamaryn - Terrified [Dreaming the Dark] BPM range: 134-140 ]]> Step to the Music 1:00:13 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, House, Techno, Club, Jersey Club, Hip Hop, Dreampop, Dance Rock, Electroclash, Acid House, mnml, minimal techno no Wed, 06 Nov 2019 21:04:00 -0800 Episode 158: I Can't Stop Step to the Music Now We Are Timeless] Howitt - I Can't Stop [Sounds Like A Good Time II] Ase Manual - Senzu [Senzu] Skepta featuring BBK - Detox [Konnichiwa] Sango - Dime lo que Quieres (La Habana Trap) [Otra Vez EP] Ariel Zetina- Putamaria w/ MORENXXX [Organism EP] Kave Jonson - B.I.S.H. [Peace Pipe] Shackleton - Tin Foil Sky [Soundboy Punishments] Fanu - Jumitus [Serendipity] 2562 - Basin Dub [Aerial] CYPHR - Sirena [Ekleipsis] Spooky & Boylan - DarkKnight [Slimzos 014] Sky H1 - Tell Me [Motion] Gantz - Fugazi (feat. Elif Dikec) [Dying On Acid] Pinch - Battered (feat. yolanda) [Underwater Dancehall] Commodo - Surveillance [Commodo EP] Skream - Phatty Drummer [Gritty / Phatty Drummer] Silkie - Hooby [DEEP MEDi Releases (Vol. 2)] Seven - Grey Matter [Evolution] Sirpixalot - Easter Dub [Tonight EP] J-E-T-S - TEAM EFFORT [ZOOSPA] BPM: 140 ]]> Step to the Music 59:51 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Indie Rock, Dance Rock, House, Club, Grime, Latin Club, Trap, Instrumental Grime, Dubstep, IDM, Techno no Wed, 14 Aug 2019 21:11:00 -0700 Episode 156: Establish Yrself in My Body Pop/Club/House/Techno ZOOSPA] MM - 9th Ritual (Lechuga Zafiro Remix) [MM EP] Sampa The Great - OMG [OMG - single] Syn - Mirage [Syn EP] Tom Bruce - 178th [178th EP] Sonido Berzerk & HAI - Convenience (SHE Spells Doom Remix) [Oggun EP] ARME - Guatemala [4 Years] DJ JM - Santa's Not Dead [Sorriso] Robert Hood - Ride [Minimal Nation] Floating Points - Coorabell [LesAlpx b/w Coorabell] Trampique - March [4 Years] Imaabs - Pèse Nerf [Discretización] Volor Flex - Straight From My Heart [4 Years] Dj Nerdiboy - We Smoke [SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD TIME II] Cooly G - Landscapes (feat. Sinbad) [Playin' Me] Ariel Zetina - Establish Yourself In My Body [Organism EP] Kid Antoine - Recon [Proximity EP] Roska - Jammed [Jammed EP] DJ Jayhood - Get Down (Get the Drake Hand Goin') [KING] Ase Manual - Dom & Agency [Dom & Agency] Hatchie - Obsessed [Keepsake] BPM: 131 ]]> Pop/Club/House/Techno 59:53 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Techno, Hard Drum, Hip Hop, Hard Club, Club, Jersey Club, House, LoFi House, mnml techno, Dance Pop no Wed, 24 Jul 2019 21:00:00 -0700 Episode 154: Funky Diabetic Rock Out w/ Yr Metformin Out Infinity Maps] A Tribe Called Quest - Oh My God [Midnight Marauders] Clem Beatz - Way Out (feat. MIAE) [Kitsune Parisien] Florentino - Mentirosa [Fragmentos] Kid Antoine - Seek (Coucou Chloe Remix) [Seek:Inclusive] Sango - She Said [Da Rocinha 3] Le Makeup - Hot Key [Unaccustomed Earth] Merca Bae & Abssys - ID [Merca Zip /2018/ - Vol. 1] J-E-T-S - Play (feat. Mykki Blanco) [ZOOSPA] Amnesia Scanner - AS Faceless [Another Life] The Weeknd - Earned It (Wasted Fates Edit) [Santa Muerte & Friends Bootlegs and Edits Vol. V] Dasychira - Queen's Gambit [PRAXIS HOUSTON] SHALT - Charred, Cleansed [Seraphim] AIR MAX '97 x t.A.T.u. - All The Things U Said (AM97 Rerun) Ziúr - Fractals [U Feel Anything] Nick Cave x B.YHZZ - Mercy Seat x Supg (B.YHZZ EDIT) [INTRUDER ALERT] Imaabs - Dramatic P [Calypso en negro] Anti-Vax - Sucker Bet [Pro-Vax] Jordan Rakei - Mad World [Origin] Maximilien - Don't [Kitsune Singles Club] Quantic - La Reflexión [Atlantic Oscillations] Hatchie - Unwanted Guest [Keepsake] Holy Ghost! - Slow Burn [Work] Altin Gün - Süpürgesi Yoncadan [Gece] BPM: 105 ]]> Rock Out w/ Yr Metformin Out 59:58 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Shoegaze, Dreampop, Hip Hop, Rap, Club, Pop, Techno, Noise Rock, Turkish Psych yes Wed, 10 Jul 2019 20:42:00 -0700 Episode 150: Babycakes Club, Jersey and Other PUNK] MM - Terrible Muscle [Terrible Muscle] Stacey Sexton - DANTE [SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD TIME II] Sonido Berzerk x MC Mykezinho - Maconha Ou Balinha (Mama Testa Remix) [Oggun EP] Syn - Wasteland [Syn EP] Niilas - Dysphoria [CVLT Singles] Robert Hood - Station Rider E [Minimal Nation] TML - Crying (Piano Mix) [Collective Endeavours 01.2] Acre - You Know [City EP] Tomás Urquieta - Banbra (Imaabs Remix) [Banbra] CYPHR - Sun [Ekleipsis] BEAN - Padre [TAR Class of 2017 Vol. II] Le Motel - Blood [Ripples] Borealis - Eye Blossom [4 Years] ÉPAIS - Go [Hidden Depths EP] Nikitch & Kuna Maze - The Leak [Mush EP] DJ JM - Cosa Nostra [Cosa Nostra] Kid Antoine - Airburst [Proximity EP] Krizzli - Horsepower Fever [4 Years] DJ Jayhood - BBMG Anthem (feat. DJ Tameil & Adolf Joker) [KING] 3 Of A Kind - Babycakes (Sleepy Knives Remix) [Club Jersey Free Downloads] BPM: 137 ]]> Club, Jersey and Other 59:55 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Club, Jersey Club, Dance Rock, Deconstructed Club, Hybrid Club, Techno, House yes Wed, 22 May 2019 22:19:00 -0700 Episode 149: Great Escape Reggaeton + MISC! Seek:Inclusive] Flagalova - 9 PM [CVLT Volume 1] Sango - Tatuagem (Sadinha) [Da Rocinha 3] Sudanim - Pleasure Flood (Amotion Remix) [Pleasure Flood] Writsboi - Warboi (Original Mix) [Warboi EP] Merca Bae - Arabic Reggaeton (Reggaeton Latino Merca Bae Blend) [MercaZip /2018/ Vol. 1] Arca - Desafio (Zutzut Edit) [Santa Muerte & Friends Bootlegs and Edits Vol 5] Le Makeup - Straw [Unaccustomed Earth] Massacooramaan - Conch Circuits (GRAN Edit) [INTRUDER ALERT VOL. 1] Imaabs - Cerotonine [Discretización] MY SWORD - HEX [BURST;BATTLE] Sage Caswell - Red Letter [Evil Twin] B.YHZZ - SUPG [BURST;BATTLE] Arashkha - Harftrang [A Tribute to the Dark Venus] CYPHR - Ekleipsis [Ekleipsis] Etevleh & Morten HD - Mechaton [Jamz!] CYPHR x Kid Antoine - Duro (Merca Bae Flip) [MercaZip /2016/] French Montana - Unforgettable (TTS Rebuild) [Santa Muerte & Friends Bootlegs and Edits Vol 5] Nikitch & Kuna Maze - ZBRA [Mush] Pia Mia Ft Jeremih - I'm a Fan (Leonce Edit) [Santa Muerte & Friends Bootlegs and Edits Vol 5] Goss - Fever Ray [Kitsune Singles Club] Ladytron - The Island [Ladytron] Napkey - Great Escape [Kitsune Parisien] ]]> Reggaeton + MISC! 59:57 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, House, Disco, Reggaeton, Club Edits, Future Club, Hybrid Club, Deconstructed Club, Electroclash, Pop yes Wed, 15 May 2019 20:41:00 -0700 Episode 148: Hyperphonix "if you call that music..." Ladytron] BSN Posse - Drifting (Manul & Energy Man Remix) [Drifting] Stranjah - Sorry [Visionz of a Future LP] Terror Danjah - Hyperphonix [Gremlinz (The Instrumentals 2003-2009)] Skream - Gritty [Gritty / Phat Drummer] Fanu - Mocca Overdose [Coffee Crazy EP] Sirpixalot - Argentina [Voyage EP] Mumdance - Don't Get Lemon (feat. Spyro) [Take Time] Sky H1 - Night/Fall/Dream [Motion] Blake Bastion - Tears For Grenfell [The Grenfell LP] CYPHR - Repent [Ekleipsis] Sneaks - Cinnamon [Highway Hypnosis] The Samps - Slime Pit [Breakfast] Rabit - Burnerz [Communion] Commodo - Hej [How What Time] MM - HFL Track [Terrible Muscle] Neil Landstrumm - Transmission (with Si Begg) [Lord for £39] Goth-Trad - Itinerant Priest [Babylon Fall EP] Quest - The Seafront [DEEP MEDi Releases (Vol. 2)] Merca Bae - Wasted Bae [Merca Zip /2018/ - Vol. 1] Millia Rage - Affliction [Sweat Equity Vol. 3: Extreme Hits!] BKGD Audio - That Beat in My Heart [Sweat Equity Vol. 3: Extreme Hits!] Dirtwire - 10 ta 2 [Road Goes All Night] BPM: 140 ]]> "if you call that music..." 59:57 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Dance Rock, Drum'n'Bass, Dubstep, Hard Club, Hard Drum, Club, Hip Hop no Wed, 20 Mar 2019 22:00:00 -0700 Episode 146: Pleasure Flood Hard Drum? BODY MODS] Sudanim - Pleasure Flood (Drippin Remix) [Pleasure Flood] Sonido Berzerk x MC Mykezinho - Maconha Ou Balinha [Oggun EP] KALA - Synthia [CyberSonicLA Vol 3] Syn & Tension - Demon [Syn EP] DJ JM - Swatch [Cosa Nostra] False Witness - Panic Room (To Lose One's Nerve) ft Kala [THE ART OF FIGHTING] Anna Morgan - Tectonica [CyberSonicLA Vol 3] Radio etc. - Scavenger (Oldman Talkin' Remix) [Alloy EP] Imaabs - Without Hype [HYPE] Acre - City [City] Sneaks - Addix [Highway Hypnosis] Niilas - Dysphoria [CVLT Singles] Deadboy - Sheener [DEEMZ] Bad Zu - HSTLNG [99 PRBLMS] Ariel Zetina - Addy (ft. London Jade) [Cyst EP] NKC - HD Anthem [HD Anthem] DJ Helder - AfrO Okinawa [EP African Magic] CYPHR - KC [Ekleipsis] Rexanthony - Capturing Matrix (Nahshi Edit) [Santa Muerte & Friends Bootlegs and Edits Vol 5] MM - 9th Ritual [MM EP] Kid Antoine - Motion Sensor [Proximity EP] DJ Jayhood - Ass on the Floor [KING] Young Kay - TALK (Feat. Jay Moon GOOD & VINXEN) [Kitsune Singles Club] BPM range: 136-146 ]]> Hard Drum? 59:57 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman dance, ballroom house, club, club edit, hard drum, gqom, no Wed, 06 Mar 2019 21:00:00 -0800 Episode 145: Little Steps Footwork Meets DnB Next to the Warehouse Rave Shapes: Mountains] Magic Drum Orchestra - Original Nuttah (feat. Bunty) [Shapes: Mountains] Sun People - Mechanism [Serenity EP] Boylan - Bullet Proof Soul [Bangs & Works Vol. 2 (The Best Of Chicago Footwork)] AMEN the Producer - Take Ya Time Young Man [JBDUBZ Vol. 5] Malou Mørkeberg - Go Back [Ladyboy EP] DJ Acey - Vapor [JBDUBZ Vol. 4] Jlin - 1% (w/ Holly Herndon) [Black Origami] Warsnare - Room 641A (feat. Paradise Scientist) [Infinite Machine 2nd Anniversary Compilation] Roni Size Reprazent - Hot Stuff [New Forms] Plug - Drum N Bass [Back On Time] Hanz - Number One Stain [Plasty II] Third Eye Foundation - For All The Brothers and Sisters [You Guys Kill Me] Curve - Hell Above Water Remix [Rare and Unreleased] PBDY - Bring Me Down (feat. Salami Rose Joe Louis) [Brainfeeder X] BSN Posse - No Matter How Far [Gradients Vol. 2] Philip D Kick - In Formation [Pathways] DJ Bad Kids - Fury Swipes [JBDUBZ Vol. 5] Fracture - Take You (feat. Lucie La Mode) [Take You] Neuropunk - Send Me Flying [JBDUBZ Vol. 4] Om Unit - Sleeping Dragon [Violet (EP)] LTJ Bukem - Undress Your Mind [Journey Inward] BPM: 160 ]]> Footwork Meets DnB Next to the Warehouse Rave 59:56 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Dance Music, Dub, Jungle, Drum n Bass, DnB, Footwork, Club, Deconstructed Club, Hybrid Club, Oblique Club, Alternative no Wed, 27 Feb 2019 21:02:00 -0800 Episode 142: Alien Technologies Polar Vortex Dance Party 4 Years] Hostage - Ascension [Electro Kool-Aid Acid Test] LOG - Chez Lionel [GRAN TURISMO EP] KMRT - 303 Degrees [Electro Kool-Aid Acid Test] SCB x Isaac Reuben - Boulahrouz [Collective Endeavours 01.1] Thodén - HYSTERIA [Crash EP] AWNIL - Paloma [Amour Miami EP] Acre - Symbols [Symbols EP] A Made Up Sound - Sun Touch [A Made Up Sound (2009-2016)] object blue - Cerco de Deus [Do you plan to end a siege?] WWWINGS - EXODUS FEAT. JEREMIAH JAE (E-TERNITY REMIX) [EXODUS] Maribor - Kibosh [Anabol] Steady Rock - Alien Technologies [Electro Kool-Aid Acid Test] Deapmash - Symptom (Chambray Remix) [4 Years] Jack N Jerk - Quadrophony [CLIPP056] ARME - Stay Around [4 Years] James Nasty - Keep On (feat. Dj Dizzy & Mario) [Keep On] LCD Soundsystem - Home [This Is Happening] BPM range: 125-137 ]]> Polar Vortex Dance Party 59:58 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, House, Acid, Acid House, Techno, Acid Techno. Club, Baltimore Club, Dance Rock no Wed, 30 Jan 2019 22:12:00 -0800 Episode 137: Neon Rave Step to the Music 4 Years] Rafa Maya - Platino [Santa Muerte & Friends Bootlegs and Edits Vol 5] Overland - Steam Bun Acid [Sweat Equity Vol. 3: Extreme Hits!] Mc Pikachu e Mc Magrinho - Sequencia da Putaria (El Plvybxy Edit) [Santa Muerte & Friends Bootlegs and Edits Vol 5] VILLAGE - Neon Rave [4 Years] Ali da Rave God - Hoover Time [Sweat Equity Vol. 3: Extreme Hits!] Martyn - Matt Hensley [GL Outtakes] Karen Gwyer - Why Does Your Father Look So Nervous? [Rembo] LA-4A - Supertouch [Collective Endeavours 01.2] Robert Hood - Unix [Minimal Nation] Container - Insulation [Vegetation EP] A Made Up Sound - Ahead [A Made Up Sound 2009-2016] M.E.S.H. - Scythians (Logos Remix) [Scythians remixes] Sonido Berzerk - Mentiras (feat. Beasty Godiva) [Oggun EP] Jeremiah Meece - Fuck Me [Sweat Equity Vol. 3: Extreme Hits!] Bae System - My Best Summer [Sweat Equity Vol. 3: Extreme Hits!] Lil Jon - U Don't Like Me (WULFFLUW CXIV Bootleg) [Santa Muerte & Friends Bootlegs and Edits Vol 5] Mark Archer - Thirty Years Old [Electro Kool-Aid Acid Test] Rizzla - Black Jacobins [Iron Cages] Imaabs - Serial [Discretización] Kitkaliitto - Twin Suns [4 Years] BPM: 135]]> Step to the Music 59:57 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman dance, club, rave, techno, noise techno, minimal techno, mnml techno, mnml, club edits, hip hop yes Wed, 28 Nov 2018 21:24:00 -0800 Episode 136: Laced With Acid Low pH House and Club Cohesion] DJ Windows 7 - Cruda Vida [CLIPP045] AWNIL - Amour Miami [Amour Miami EP] Byrell the Great - CC Shot [Chopped Cheese] Lorenzo Bitw - Get Together [Jamz!] Turntable Actor Chloroform - Oh Yeah [Electro Kool-Aid Acid Test] Moment Trigger - Zeta Reticuli [Sweat Equity Vol. 3: Extreme Hits!] Marquis Hawkes - I'm So Glad (Satisfied Raw Remix) [HOUNDSTOOTH FIVE YEARS] A Made Up Sound - Alarm (edit) [A Made Up Sound (2009-2016)] Migos ft. Lil Uzi Vert - Bad & Boujee (O S GODFORSAKEN MIX) [BUILD Reconstructions Vol. 2] WWWINGS - EXODUS [EXODUS] BEAN - Racer [Dextro] Objekt - Cactus [Cactus/Porcupine - Single] Acre - O [Symbols EP] Dellity - Ad Nauseam, Ad Libitum [Jamz!] JAONA - Commence (feat. Dubl Dip) [4 Years] C Powers - Change in Terms of Service [Sweat Equity Vol. 3: Extreme Hits!] KMRT - Laced with Acid (DJ Pierre Remix) [Electro Kool-Aid Acid Test] SjR - Hymne à mes kaskou [CLIPP046] Imaabs - Migracion [Migracion] BPM: 127]]> Low pH House and Club 59:55 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, House, Acid House, Club, Techno. Hip Hop, Rap, Club Remix, Club Edit, Oblique Club, Ballroom House, Vogue no Wed, 21 Nov 2018 21:06:00 -0800 Episode 135: Lessons in the Uncouth November Beats Ana Echo and the Beauty of Indifference] Sonido Berzerk & HAI - Convenience [Oggun EP] Bicep - Kites [Bicep] Zach Lubin - Lessons in the Uncouth [Dispense With Tactics] Anthony "Shake" Shakir - Spectre [Frictionalism 1994-2009] Robert Hood - One Touch [Minimal Nation] object blue - Act Like It Then [Do you plan to end a siege?] Tomás Urquieta - Banbra [Banbra] Container - Soak [Vegetation EP] Rabit - Imp [Baptizm] Karen Gwyer - Why Is There a Long Line In Front Of the Factory? [Rembo] Martyn - KJLFYE3024 [GL Outtakes] Imaabs - Corps [Discretización] M.E.S.H. - Scythians (Grovestreet Remix) [Scythians remixes] Rizzla - Airlock [Iron Cages] Wristboi - Warboi (Estoc Remix) [Warboi EP] Macy Rodman - Greased Up Freak Pt. 2 [Sweat Equity Vol. 3: Extreme Hits!] Gangsta Boo - Late Nite Tip (Tearz Bootleg) [Santa Muerte & Friends Bootlegs and Edits Vol 5] Romeo Void - A Girl In Trouble (Is a Temporary Thing) [Instincts] BPM: 135]]> November Beats 59:49 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Goth, Techno, Club, Club Remixes, Club Edits, Post-Punk, Industrial, Grime, Hybrid Club no Wed, 14 Nov 2018 20:44:00 -0800 Episode 134: Come Back to the World 2 On One Up B4 Split] Katy B - Sapphire Blue [Little Red] Tinashe - 2 On (Skylaurr Rauthkeaux Respray) Distal - One Up [Bushido Rave EP] Byrell the Great - B4 (feat. Capital Kaos) [Chopped Cheese] Dehousy - Akaneka [CyberSonicLA Vol 2] Wristboi - Warboi (Seablaze Remix) [Warboi EP] Thodén - DIESEL [Crash EP] Maribor - Anabol [Anabol] Nathan Fake - Arcaibh [Sunder EP] Ben Klock - Gloaming [One] Deadboy - Come Back to the World [DEEMZ] Special Request - Lolita (Dub Mix) [HOUNDSTOOTH FIVE YEARS] Hubie Davison - Khayyam Grey [Khayyam Grey] Missy Elliott - Lose Control (DANNN Translucency Break) [BUILD Reconstructions Vol. 2] LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver [Sound of Silver] FKA Twigs - Kicks [LP1] BPM: 127]]> 2 On One Up B4 59:44 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Rock, Shoegaze, Pop, Dance Pop, R&B, Club Remix, Club Edit, Ballroom House, Hybrid Club, Avant Club, Club, House, Techno, Hip Hop, Indie Rock, Dance Rock no Wed, 07 Nov 2018 21:17:00 -0800 Episode 133: Down For Real Step to the Music We Share Our Blood] Lil Uzi Vert - For Real (Santa Muerte Edit) [Santa Muerte & Friends Bootlegs and Edits Vol 5] Λ°C (Lambda Celcius) - Miss Appropriation [Ana Echo and the Beauty of Indifference] Shygirl - Nasty [Cruel Practice] Rabit - Hex [Baptizm] Noelsferatu - Run Up At The MET Gala [Santa Muerte & Friends Bootlegs and Edits Vol 5] Deadboy - Deemz [DEEMZ] Martyn - Meaning of Life [GL Outtakes] Peverelist - Fundamentals [Dance Til The Police Come] Call Super - Black Octagons [HOUNDSTOOTH FIVE YEARS] Robert Hood - Museum [Minimal Nation] Orphx - Cracktest [The Sonic Groove Releases Pt. 1] Scuba - Needle Phobia [Claustrophobia] J Wax - Vacant [CLIPP042] Willie Burns - Checking Your Heart Rate [Where Has the Love Gone?] Amnesia Scanner - AS Securitaz [Another Life] Playboi Carti - Walk on Water (Tears Edit) [Santa Muerte & Friends Bootlegs and Edits Vol 5] Ase Manual - Break La Body (Capitol Kaos Remix) [Break La Body (Capitol Kaos Remix)] Nathan Fake - Serotonin Drops [Sunder EP] BPM: 133]]> Step to the Music 59:55 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman dance, club, remixes, edits, refixes, techno, grime, mnml techno, noise techno, dub techno, house, breakbeat, Jersey club yes Wed, 17 Oct 2018 22:10:00 -0700 LIVE! (3RD ANNIVERSARY) on the net with no net Turkish Delight - Around  Neil Landstrumm - Dirty Butcher Sega Bodega - Nivea AceMo - Land Scanner (Spectre) Hanz - Plasty DJ Acey - I'm Not 2B Fu*k With  EQ Why - Make The Feet Go Around  bastiengoat - Ain't no fake EQ Why - Fuck Me Hard Fanu - Dunes Aphex Twin - pthex  Tim Reaper - Fridge Magnets The Architex - Jaundice martianMan - The Magic Homemade Weapons - Red Herring Stray - Bounce ft. Fracture Jonas K.P. - Flow Deltron - Things You Can Do Liars - Family Hercules & Love Affair - Iris  Luke Vibert & BJ Cole - Fly Hawaii Shalt - Nid De Guêpes Wafia - I'm Good Ziúr - Lilith FT. RIN (Air Max '97 Remix) Boxcutter - S P A C E B A S S Screamin' Rachael - Spirits Rising (Boyfriend Remix) Metro Area - Piña Michaal Jackson X Ray Parker, Jr. - Bad Ghostbusters SHEE - Late Night Space Jam Todd Terje - Strandbar Jack N Jerk - Ear II Brain Cathy Dennis Feat. D Mob - C'mon & Get My Love LSDXOXO - SUGARFALLS Roska - Killin' It ft. TT The Artist Martyn - Ahmadiya James Pepper - Global Warming Cassettes For Kids - Pleasure Maddjazz - Time 2 Go To Work Duck Sauce - Goody Two Shoes Electric Eel Shock - Rock 'n' Roll Can Rescue The World BPM range: 85-170 on the net with no net 2:00:20 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, rock, grime, club, noise, footwork, Drum & Bass, DnB, IDM, jungle, techno, hip hop. rap, disco, post-disco, house, pop, mashup, freestyle, dance pop, ballroom house yes Wed, 26 Sep 2018 22:00:00 -0700 Episode 129: Behemoth Step to the Music Sharp Divide] Ckrono - Toma [Now That's What I Call Trax! Volume 1] Syn - Behemoth [Flood Vol. 1] Merca Bae - Attyn- [1000KBae] Slick Rick - Mona Lisa [The Great Adventures of Slick Rick] Dj Jesse - Pimp My Ragga [Dj's Do Guetto Vol. 1] Bohan Phoenix - SOLOW ft. Chauncey, Slodown (prod. Dummy) [SILK ROADS VOL. 1] CYPHR - Stretch Reflex [Co-Op] Kornél Kovács - Urszusz [The Bells] Dasychira - Æon [Haptics EP] WWWINGS - ARCANE [PHOENIXXX] Ital Tek - To Dust [Annual General Meeting Record (Vol. 2)] James K. - My Sorrow Is Luminous [Physically Sick] KALA - ART [Club Chai Vol. 1] De La Soul - Ghetto Thang [3 Feet High And Rising] Fanu - Ranch Dance [Departure] The Coup - Get Up (ft. dead prez) [Party Music] Curve - Die Like A Dog [Peel Sessions] Drake - Childs Play (LAVA DOME REBOUNCE) [Aubrey Graham Changed My Life Volume III] Steve Hauschildt - Dissolvi [Dissolvi] Rejoicer - High On Star Dance [Energy Dreams] BPM: 107]]> Step to the Music 59:59 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Dream Pop, Shoegaze, House, Club, ambient, hip hop yes Wed, 12 Sep 2018 21:27:00 -0700 Episode 127: Cosmic Bounce Step to the Music Hyper Earthy] Dasychira - Scalaris (ft. Haleek Maul) [Haptics EP] Bicep - Ayaya [Bicep] JETS - Sin Love With You [JETS EP] Helena Hauff - Barrow Boot Boys [Qualm] Air Max '97 - Serac [Nacre] TRUTH - The Fatman [Deep Medi Releases (Vol. 3)] Kode9 & The Spaceape - Black Smoke (feat. Cha Cha) [Black Sun] Shackleton - I Am Animal [Soundboy Punishments] Fanu - Hagakure [Daylightless] Sango - Maluco [Da Rocinha 2] The Knife - A Tooth For An Eye [Shaking the Habitual] Boxcutter - S P A C E B A S S [Arecibo Message] Jung Navy - Cheapestdate [CyberSonicLA Vol 3] Empresarios - Con Las Manos Arriba [Cambumbeo EP] Neneh Cherry - Buffalo Stance [Raw Like Sushi] BPM: 109/145]]> Step to the Music 59:53 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Electronic, Techno, post-dubstep, Club, Oblique Club, Hybrid Club, Dubstep, DnB, HipHop yes Wed, 22 Aug 2018 21:06:00 -0700 Episode 126: Fear Of Silence Step to the Music Aequs Nyama EP] Automator - Wiling (feat. Neph the Madman) [A Much Better Tomorrow] Trampique - Orange [4 Years] Dreamtime - Cylonian Skyline [ZYX Italo Disco: Spacesynth Collection 2014] Partials - Fear Of Silence [Glossolalia] DJ Plead - M11 [Get In Circle] Fanu - Dreams Are Like Water [Daylightless] Helena Hauff - It Was Fields All Around Here When I Was A Kid [Qualm] king midas sound - Miles and Miles [waiting for you...] Dasychira - Vipera (with Embaci) [Immolated EP] Pram - Wave of Translation [Across The Meridian] B.yhzz - In Dirt, I Saw Clearly [Rejection, Blessing] Le Makeup - Contortion [Hyper Earthy] WWWINGS - COHERENT [EXODUS] Air Max '97 - IP68 [Nacre] Tropical Fuck Storm - The Future History [A Laughing Death In Meatspace] Alfred English - Adidas Seatbelt [TAR Class of 2017 Vol. II] Ticklish - A.L.M.V. [SILK ROADS VOL. 1] Madvillain - Raid (feat. M.E.D.) [Madvillainy] Merca Bae - Saffire Riddim [Merca Zip /2017/] Leaders of the New School - Understanding The Inner Mind's Eye [T.I.M.E.: The Inner Mind's Eye] Nu Shooz - I Can't Wait [Freestyle Explosion, Vol. 1] ]]> Step to the Music 59:56 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Dance Rock, Club, Hip Hop, Rap, Italo Disco, Downtempo, Techno yes Wed, 15 Aug 2018 21:02:00 -0700 Episode 125: What's It Gonna Take Ehrmagerd, Clurbsturp Threeeeeepio! "Still Think" single] WRACK - T.K.L.A. [CyberSonicLA Vol 3] Coldcut x On U Sound - Make Up Your Mind (feat Ce Cile and Toddla T) (Dub Phizix Remix) [Make Up Your Mind] The Bug - Poison Dart [London Zoo] Luke Vibert - Belief File [We Hear You] Terror Danjah - Green Street [Gremlinz] Object Blue - do you plan to end a siege (HEAVENLY YASHA REMIX) [SoundCloud release] TRUTH - Stolen Children [Deep Medi Releases (Vol. 3)] Air Max '97 - Karyon [Nacre] Shackleton - You Bring Me Down (Peverelist remix) [Soundboy's Gravestone Gets Desecrated By Vandals] Kode9 - Casimir Effect [Nothing] Kromestar - Marz Attak [Deep Medi Releases (Vol. 2)] Hanz - Psychic Dog [Plasty II] Liquid Asset - 4u [Physically Sick 2] uli K x 5tarb01 x Detente - Bracing Vile (Ruan Bootie) [The Real Ruan bootleg edits Vol. 1] Delf - Sentimental Mood ii [Silk Road Sounds Vol. 1] Ziúr - Laughing And Crying Are The Same Things (ft. Zhala) [U Feel Anything?] Kieran Loftus & Grave Goods - Intl Bobo Anthem [Hands of the Year] Meghan Trainor - All About That Bass (Stevie G Remix) [Fuck Soundcloud Vol. 1] The Knife - Networking [Shaking the Habitual] Mike & Rich - Portamento Gosh [Expert Knob Twiddlers] BPM: 145]]> Ehrmagerd, Clurbsturp Threeeeeepio! 59:59 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Club, Dubstep, Clubstep, Techno, Jersey Club, Hybrid Club, Grime, Instrumental Grime, Dub no Wed, 08 Aug 2018 20:10:00 -0700 Episode 123: Mustn't Hurry Downtempo, Hip Hop and Dembow Mustn't Hurry] Viktor Vaughan - Raedawn [Vaudeville Villain] Neybuu - Digits [CyberSonicLA Vol. 3] Prefuse 73 - Living Life (feat. Rec Center) [Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives] So Drove x P. Morris - Ripple [CyberConicLA Vol. 3] I M M U N E - MAVEN [VOL.1] Dj Fofuxo & Dj Pausas - Tarracho Exxelentt [Dj's Di Guetto Vol. 1] Saul Williams - Lalala [Amethyst Rock Star] Ziúr - Body Of Light (Ziúr & Aïsha Devi) [U Feel Anything?] Photek - Modus Operandi [Modus Operandi] IQU - Teenage Dream (Norowareta Mix) - Team 714 [Teenage Dream] Cujo - Fat Ass Joint [Adventures In Foam] MC 900 Ft. Jesus - O-Zone [Welcome To My Dream] Ancestral Voices - Arachnae [Night of Visions] Plaid - Zamami [Double Figure] king midas sound - Outta Space [waiting for you...] Metra Bae - Merca Kit [Merca Zip /2017/] GIBA - RICH RASTERINHA [Tormenta Hits Vol. 2] The Veronicas - Sajna [The Rough Guide to Bhangra Dance] Florentino - Mamasota [Tu y Yo] D∆WN - Lazarus [REDEMPTION] Jessy Lanza - Strange Emotion [Pull My Hair Back] BPM: 98]]> Downtempo, Hip Hop and Dembow 59:54 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Downtempo, Club, Hip Hop, Rap, Hybrid Club, DnB, Techno, Bhangra, Pop yes Wed, 18 Jul 2018 21:04:00 -0700 Episode 122: Immovable We Were Here First CyberSonicLA Vol 3] Project Pablo - No Sweat [Hope You're Well] Zomby - ZKITTLEZ [GASP!] Menchess - Mitsubishi Song [Rudeboyz EP] Tommy Kid - Psyqom [CyberSonicLA Vol 3] Lauren Flax & Tigga Calore - Earthquake [Physically Sick 2] Ziúr - Don't Buy It [U Feel Anything?] B.yhzz - Silly Shelter [Rejection, Blessing] Air Max '97 - Gousse [Nacre] Avbvrn - False Starts [Candles] Aristophanes ft. Chiu Pi - U Were Not Here (prod. by Jam City) [Silk Roads Vol. 1] ANGEL-HO - REMOVALS [ASCENSION] Elon Katz - Immovable [The Human Pet] DJ Lag - 16th Step [DJ Lag EP] Chrome Sparks - What's It Gonna Take (feat. Angelica Bess) [single] Empresarios - Le Encanta Hacerlo [Cambumbeo EP] Riton - Fake I.D. (feat. Kah-Lo) [single] Nathan Fake - Cloudswept [Sunder EP] BPM: 126]]> We Were Here First 59:56 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Club, House, Gqom, Latin yes Wed, 04 Jul 2018 21:29:00 -0700 Episode 121: Breathing Apparatus ClubXHipHop Soundcloud Release] Hanz - King Speed [Plasty I] Byrell the Great - Malanisha Crash [Chopped Cheese] rRoxymore - Universal Struggle [Physically Sick] Trevino - Plugged [Collective Endeavours 01.2] YoungQueenz & N.O.L.Y ft. 柒羊 - 一丿(YAT PIT) [SILK ROADS VOL. 1] Cannibal Ox - The Power Cosmiq (feat. Kenyattah Black) [Blade of the Ronin] Nonfuture - The Watcher [A New Tribe] Dasychira - Orphic Egg [Haptics EP] The Coup - Breathing Apparatus [Steal This Album] BOY - RUSH (Prod. LOS PUTOS) [Trendy Pack 1] Del tha Funky Homosapien - Hoodz Come in Dozens [I Wish My Brother George Was Here] B.YHZZ - KEY [Intruder Alert Vol. 1] Giggs - Linguo ft. Donae'O [Wamp 2 Dem] Moni Moni - 26,172 (US) Bombs dropped on short notice [Physically Sick] Dizzee Rascal - Fix Up, Look Sharp [Boy In Da Corner] missy misdemeanor elliot - step off [miss addictive] Ziúr - Bud Dallas [Deeform] WWWINGS - PYRO (FT. IMAABS & LAO) [PHOENIX] Chants - 2:22 [NEW YR NEW US 2] SWAN MEAT - MY SWAN SHAKE BRINGS ALL THE BOYS TO THE YARD & THEY'RE LIKE, LET'S COLLAB [Trendy Pack 1] BPM range: 87-132]]> ClubXHipHop 59:57 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Club, Hip Hop, DnB, Techno yes Wed, 20 Jun 2018 20:37:00 -0700 Episode 120: youknowhowwedu deep weird Chopped Cheese] Roska - IMF [Silk Road Sounds Vol. 1] Lechuga Zafiro - Tambor Espada feat. C1080 (Blacksea Não Maya remix) [Aequs Nyama EP] Elon Katz - You Are Alone [The Human Pet] ANGEL-HO - YAH CUNT [ASCENSION] Constellation Botsu - Botsu769 [へったくれろっちゅーに!] dj haram - BODY COUNT [BODY COUNT] amazondotcom - youknowhowwedu [NEW YR NEW US 2] Bass Clef - Fluorescent Shining City [Raven Yr Own Worl] Dane Law - Hirundinidae (Für Arvo Part) [NEW YR NEW US 2] GiL - Wamid [Co-Op] Abyss X - She Bruise II (feat. Violence) [Nüshu] Jackie - Ebb Rise (Gloria/Tagaq) [Co-Op] Swan Meat & Estoc - Lord's Cruelty [Co-Op] B.YHZZ - Inside (Chino Amobi Remix) [Via] 111X - Fading To The Background [TAR Class of 2017 Vol. II] Alex Painter (Great Pagans) - Sweetness [Annual General Meeting Record (Vol. 2)] botaz - un amor cono la lluvia [Kantu] Hanz - Root Words [Plasty I] M.E.S.H. - Signal Ride Drum [Co-Op] M-O-R-S-E - Dual (feat. SWAN MEAT) [Alternative Facts] Ben Frost - Ionia [Ionia] MICHELANGELO - In My Dreams [TAR Class of 2017 Vol. I] Ariana Grande feat. Cashmere Cat - Be My Baby (Dreamcasts Remix) [Free Downloads] BPM Range: 84-158]]> deep weird 59:58 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Club, Funky House, Vogue Club, Underground Club, Deconstructed Club, Modular Synth, Jersey Club, Noise yes Wed, 06 Jun 2018 21:02:00 -0700 Episode 119: Funk From 2905 FootworkXJungleXClub Italdred x Dred Collective - Footwork] Surly - 4Q 510-511 [Trip to Warsaw EP] DJ Rashad - She A Go (feat. Spinn & Taso) [Double Cup] DJ Tre - Gettin' Happy! [TAR Class of 2017 Vol. II] DJ Diamond - Murder Muzik [Footwork or Die] DJ Earl - Funk From 2905 [Live Love Teklife] Young Smoke - Warning [Space Zone] DJ Paypal - We Finally Made It (feat. DJ Earl) [Sold Out] Ben Frost - Ionia (JLIN Rework) [Ionia] Dawn Day Night - Voodoo Vibe [Astrophonica Bundle #2 - The EPs] Migos - Get Right Witcha (Merca Bae Edit) [1000KBae] Proc Fiskal - Hello Boss [Hello Boss] Sun People - Live It Up [Serenity EP] DJ Phil - WEOUTHERE [TAR Class of 2017 Vol. II] Fanu - Rainbow Rally [Oh-So-Random EP #1] Norfik - Escape [TAR Class of 2017 Vol. II] Le1f - Zone Angel Freestyle, April 2014 [Physically Sick 2] Bryn Barnett - Low [Physically Sick 2] Le Makeup - Reflection [Hyper Earthy] Jana Rush - Rapid Fire [Pariah] GRIG - All Cars Have Nitro [TAR Class of 2017 Vol. II] footmerc - Belly 2 Belly [The FoorMerc Files Vol. 1] DJ Roc - Practice What U Preach [Practice What U Preach] Traxman - Footworkin On Air [Da Mind of Traxman] LSDXOXO - FALSE IDOLS [BODY MODS] BPM: 160]]> FootworkXJungleXClub 1:00:00 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Footwork, Jungle, Hip Hop, Club, Goth yes Wed, 30 May 2018 20:15:00 -0700 Episode 118: U Just Gotta Be Dark and Gleaming Psychedelic AvantClub Chopped Cheese] Jayda G - Sestra's Cry [Physically Sick] NKC - For Yourself [Her Records Volume 3] Jammz - Everything Dead [Everything Dead] Street Terror - Streets Of Terror [Jamz!] Russel E. L. Butler - Orr Springs Road [Physically Sick] Snowy Beatz - Liar [Jamz!] Lil Tantrum - Aggressor [Jamz!] Elmo Crumb - I'm Still Dizzy [Physically Sick 2] Oliver Deutschmann - Sequel [Collective Endeavours 01.2] Lechuga Zafiro - Suave Pero Reguso Feat. Ansina [Aequs Nyama EP] WWWINGS - FLY (feat. DJ Heroin) [PHOENIXXX] B.YHZZ - Wanderer [Via] M.E.S.H. - Glassel Finisher [Scythians EP] Radio etc. - Tundra [Alloy EP] Laurel Halo - Sophohn [PRAXIS HOUSTON] Ziúr - Fever (Born in Flamez Remix) [Taiga EP] Torus - Venga [PRAXIS HOUSTON] Scheele - Vacuous [Jamz!] Murlo - Last Dance (Ase Manual Remix) [Future Club Vol. 1] Merca Bae - Merca Luv [Merca Zip /2016/] ROSKA - IMF [SILK ROAD SOUNDS VOL. 1] ÉPAIS - Leave Me Girl [Hidden Depths EP] BPM: 130]]> Dark and Gleaming Psychedelic AvantClub 1:00:00 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Club, Jersey Club, Ballroom, Grime, Techno, Underground Club, Funky House no Wed, 16 May 2018 21:01:00 -0700 Episode 116: Future Club Internationale Six Continents of Beatz (in the face of music) Merca Zip /2016/] Demon Slayer - Nat Het Roi [Silk Road Sounds Vol. 1] Monotronique - Rootz Fire [Jamz!] Habibiboi - Pon Ur Ha [CyberSonicLA Vol 1] Lil Taty - Bad Juju (dJJ Remix) [Marabu EP] DJ Helder - Traphouse [EP African Magic] AN System - Matalo [Jamz!] Sha Sha Kimbo - Watch This [CyberSonicLA Vol 2] Si Begg - Sick and Tired of the Bullshit [Physically Sick 2] Ariel Zetina - Cyst [Cyst EP] Lechuga Zafiro - Tambor Espada (سكين) feat. C1080 [Aequs Nyama EP] Grasps_ - ANGER [TAR Class of 2017 Vol. I] R Y K T - Hinge [Thunderbyte EP] Tension - Oblique (evaa remix) [Parallax] Ytem - Délok [CVLT Singles] ANGEL-HO - AUTO SHADE [ASCENSION] BEAN - Private [Dextro] Air Max '97 - Thrall [HPE] Kareem Lofty x Shakira x Pitbull - Mr. Worldwide's rabiosa in da power bass bubbling (Ruan Messup) [The Real Ruan bootleg edits Vol. 1 之 天道酬勤] JX Cannon - Tool 2 [CyberSonicLA Vol 2] A$AP Mob - Hella Hoes (Flippy Frog Remix) [Fuck Soundcloud Vol. 1] Skyshaker - 戦闘記憶~Shmurda Sentou (Kaishi Dramatyx Edition) Byrell the Great - Wild, FTN [Chopped Cheese] D-DOTs & LowParse - Rump (feat. Magugu & Dilly Chris) [RUMP] Santa Muerte - Bad Feelings ft. Lunarios [Penitencia] BPM: 128]]> Six Continents of Beatz (in the face of music) 1:00:00 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman dance, club, jersey club, international club, underground club, deconstructed club yes Wed, 18 Apr 2018 21:03:00 -0700 Episode 115: Forgive Clubstep II Tectonic Plates Volume 2] Mala - Forgive [Deep Medi Releases (Vol. 1)] Sudanim - Floor Lock [Her Records Volume 3] Shyboi x 21 Savage x Shirtless - 3less Anasesem (Ruan messup) [The Real Ruan bootleg edits Vol. 1] Coki - All of a Sudden [Deep Medi Releases (Vol. 1)] Ziúr - Taiga [Taiga EP] Shackleton - Hamas Rule [Soundboy Punishments] Kieran Loftus - Ugly Petite [Hands of the Year] Appleblim - Girder [Soundboy Punishments] Pinch - Widescreen [Underwater Dancehall] Enayet - Chokkor [Physically Sick 2] Supraman - Soulseek [CyberSonicLA Vol 1] 2000F & J Kamata - You Don't Know What Love Is [5 Years of Hyperdub] Star Eyes - Make Me [CyberSonicLA Vol 2] Seven - Stormz Over Mars [Evolution] Jeremith feat. YG - Don't Tell Em (nightgames Remix) [Future Club Vol. 1] Fetty Wap - Trap Queen (DJ Cueheat Remix) [Fuck Soundcloud Vol. 1] Justin Bieber - All That Matters ($Jayy 2015 Remix) [ACID CLUB] Kelela - Frontline [Take Me Apart] Basic Channel - Lyot Remix [BCD] BPM: 141]]> Clubstep II 1:00:00 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Club, Jersey Club, Philly Club, Underground Club, International Club, Dubstep, Oldschool Dubstep, Classic Dubstep yes Wed, 11 Apr 2018 21:04:00 -0700 Episode 113: Clubstep hang the portmanteau Gimmie Trouble] 2562 - Moog Dub [Aerial] Treble Clef - Ghetto Kyote (FVBIO Edit) [Alternative Facts] LEVELZ - FRONT FACE (Dub Phizix RMX) [LVL 36.2] SHYBOI - Ananasem [Physically Sick] Bukez Finezt - La Batidora (Merca Bae DJ Tool) [1000KBae] New Fear - Special Unit [Holographic Garden EP] Skream - Dubbers Anonymous Pt 2 [Freeizm History] Kieran Loftus & Neana - SHARK WEEK [HANDS OF THE YEAR] THE OTHERS - Freakshow [Tempa Allstars (Vol. 4)] False Witness - Claudia Jones [Physically Sick 2] Goth-Trad - Cut End [Deep Medi Releases (Vol. 1)] M.E.S.H. - Scythians (Lotic Remix) [Scythians Remixes] KOMONAZMUK - End of the World [Tempa Allstars (Vol. 4)] DJ Tuco & Freezer - Rowentakutz [Alternative Facts] Boxcutter - Lunal [Glyphic] Ziúr - Lilith FT. RIN [Taiga EP] Benga - Technocal [Tectonic Plates Volume 2] Munguugnum - Magnetron [CVLT Singles] Silkie - Bird in the Sky [Bird in the Sky] Katy B - All My Lovin' [Little Red] BPM: 140]]> hang the portmanteau 1:00:00 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman dance, Club, Underground Club, Dubstep, Indie Rock, Electroclash, Grime, Hip Hop, Pop yes Wed, 28 Mar 2018 21:11:00 -0700 Episode 112: Nossa Noite World Club/Techno ImExplosion Polku EP] Eon - Inner Mind [Void Dweller] Variete - Closed Orbit [4 Years] JoeFarr - Spectate [Spectate EP] Sango - Nossa Noite [Da Rocinha 2] Martyn - Mega Drive Generation [5 Years of Hyperdub] 2562 - Unbalance [unbalance] J. Albert - Skin For Later [Physically Sick] TLC Fam - No 2 Beef (slima) [Gqom Oh! x Crudo Volta Mixtape] Peverelist - Still Early [Tessellations] Ariel Zetina - Pearls (Jarvi's Acid Remix) [Cyst EP] E110101 - 00005 [4 Years] Grimes - Vowels = Space and Time [Visions] 8ULENTINA - WANDER FLUTE [EUCALYPTUS] DJ Plead - Get In Circle [Get In Circle] Merca Bae - you're the only bae [Merca Zip /2017/] Supersystem - Tragedy [Always Never Again] Dntel - Fireworks [Life Is Full Of Possibilities] BPM: 130]]> World Club/Techno ImExplosion 1:00:01 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, DnB, Rave, Techno, Baile Funk, Club, Acid Techno, Pop, Dance Pop, Indie Rock, Dance Rock, Post-Disco, IDM no Wed, 21 Mar 2018 20:29:00 -0700 Episode 108: Blood From a Stone "That Was a Weird One" -GGI Annual General Meeting Record (Vol. 2)] Le Makeup - Shame [Unaccustomed Earth] Soda Plains - Porcelain (Merca Bae Edit) [Merca Zip /2017/] Dinamarca - Mobileboy [HER Records Volume 4] BTVN - Anxiety [CVLT Singles] Hercules & Love Affair - Easy [Hercules & Love Affair] D33J - Park (Tape Version) [Tide Songs] JK FLESH - THIMEROSAL [Suicide Estate Antibiotic Armageddon] dj jm - KZ [Soundcloud release] LOFT - shouldn wouldn couldn leavv [NEW YR NEW US 2] Swan Meat & Estoc - Lord's Cruelty [Co-Op] silvrAG - Child of Atom [CVLT Volume 1] Bored Lord - It's A Game [ЯП 2015] Ziúr - Himalaya [Deeform] Oct_ron - Why(Not) [ЯП 2015] Santa Muerte - Syngian (ft. TenTwentySeven) [Penitencia] Merca Bae - Guaya [1000KBae] Curve - Lillies Dying [Doppelgänger] Luke Vibert - I Hear The Drummer [Xen Cuts] BPM: 100]]> "That Was a Weird One" -GGI 59:48 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Club, Hybrid Club, Deconstructed Club, Indie Rock, Nu Disco, Weird no Wed, 21 Feb 2018 21:02:00 -0800 Episode 106: True Zen More Industrial Club Jamz TAR Class of 2017 Vol. 1] CYPHR - Gloss Finish [Brace] NKC - Salon Room [Hague Basement] JX Cannon - Tool [CyberSonicLA Vol 1] Kanye West - Freestyle 4 (LSDXOXO Remix) [FUCK, MARRY, KILL] Zean - Mockery [Mockery] Radio etc. - Scavenger [Alloy EP] Semita Serpens - True Zen [The Prophecy] M.E.S.H. - Interdictor [Scythians EP] Ariel Zetina - Cyst (Sha Sha Kimbo Remix) [Cyst EP] False Witness - Revolt [THE ART OF FIGHTING] Acre - Retrograde Loops part 2 [Symbols EP] B.YHZZ - GORR [BURST;BATTLE] Ziúr - Fever [Taiga EP] Ink Midget - Poppink Veins [Alternative Facts] Sudanim - Midrift (Neana on the Trak Remix) [The Link EP] R Y K T - SF54 [DA160SF54] Skyshaker - Shmurda HA [Shmurda HA] Drake feat. Partynextdoor - Preach (Young Luxenberg Remix) [Fuck Soundcloud Vol. 1] Lotic - FORMATION (ELECTION ANXIETY/AMERICA IS OVER DECLARATION) [Soundcloud release] MM - Reflector Pack (4-4) [Reflector Pack] Merca Bae - Los Capos [Merca Zip /2016/] BPM range: 130-135]]> More Industrial Club Jamz 1:00:00 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Club, Jersey Club, International Club, Hybrid Club, Deconstructed Club yes Wed, 31 Jan 2018 21:03:00 -0800 Episode 104: It's the End, the End of the '17 (pt II) 150-180 BPM Vjuan Allure - The Bash [CyberSonicLA Vol 2] Air Max '97 - 3YE [Vessel] Jana Rush - - - [Pariah] Jlin - Nyakinyua Rise [Black Origami] Strange U - Hank Henshaw [#LP4080] Jana Rush - Frenetic Snare [Pariah] Jlin - Nandi [Black Origami] bastiengoat - ghetto birds [culp] Zubotnik & Zora Jones - Madhoe [Visceral Minds 2] Dasychira - Caduceus (Eaves Hardcore Remix) [Immolated EP] Fanu - Neverending [Strange Lights] Interline & WMB - Unit [Nexus Point Volume One] Ancestral Voices - Jadian Sun [Yantra EP] Fanu - Devil Chord [Polar] ReDraft x HP.Ritch - Champion Killa [A New Tribe] Janne Hatula - Dreaming Every Day [Lumi EP] Suda - Knotweed [Hives] Type 2 - Back to the Beat [Nexus Point Volume One] Moresounds - Braaka Töölö [A New Tribe] CYPHR & Kid Antoine - Misceo [HER Records Volume 4] BPM Range: 152-176 150-180 BPM 59:27 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Club, Footwork, Drum'n'Bass yes Wed, 17 Jan 2018 21:02:00 -0800 Episode 103: It's the End, the End of the '17 (pt I) 100-140 BPM Strange U - Terminator Funk [#LP4080] Dasychira - Sensation [Immolated EP] XUXA SANTAMARIA - Hollywood Babylon [Club Chai Vol. 1] Suda - Faced [Hives] Wildkatz - Holy [Holy Moly] Kid Antoine - Dungeon [HER Records Volume 4] NARGIZ - ooW No More [Club Chai Vol. 1] LCD Soundsystem - Tonite [american dream] Deapmash - Halcyon [Halcyon EP] 8ULENTINA - ADANA 2.7 [Club Chai Vol. 1] DJ Helder - Flute Magic [EP African Magic] NKC - No Drama [HER Records Volume 4] MM - QBT16 [HER Records Volume 4] Sega Bodega - 3310 [Ess B] Sharp Veins - Glowworms (Noelsferatu's Broken Circuit Edit) [BUILD Reconstructions Vol. 1] Scratcha DVA, Killa P, Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones - Bussgun [Visceral Minds 2] DJ Jayhood - DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love [KING] Thoom - Mikal Jackzon ['Blood and Sand'] Suda - Idiopath [Hives] Sega Bodega - CC (ft. Shygirl) [Ess B] MM - 9th Ritual (Suda Remix) [HER Records Volume 4] BPM Range: 106-143 100-140 BPM 1:00:00 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Hip Hop, Brit Hop, Club, Future Club, Underground Club, Dance Rock, Techno, Jersey Club yes Wed, 10 Jan 2018 21:03:00 -0800