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More info at: Beats and Grooves and Random Left Turns Bob Chapman Bob Chapman yes Episode 160: You Used To Love Me Step to the Music Atlantic Oscillations] Plaid - Drowned Sea [Polymer] Merca Bae - La Niña [Merca Zip /2018/ - Vol. 1] 8ULENTINA - girlblunt [8ULENTINA SUMMER PACK] The Coup - pam's song [Kill My Landlord] Florentino & Bad Gyal - Por Ti [Fragmentos] Future Image - March Madness (blastah Remix) [Santa Muerte & Friends Bootlegs and Edits Vol 5] Le Makeup - Purity [Hyper Earthy] Amnesia Scanner - AS Symmetribal [Another Life] B.YHZZ - Seeds [Via] M.D. James - Summer's End [5 Year Lapse] SHALT - Fleeting [Seraphim] DJ Vadim - The Higher Standard (feat. Mr. Lif, Esoteric, Virtuoso) [Your Revolution/The Higher Standard] Strange U - Taurus [#LP4080] Quasimoto - Astro Black [The Unseen] Caravan Palace - Miracle [Miracle - Single] DJ Shadow - Rocket Fuel feat. De La Soul [Rocket Fuel SINGLE] Fever Ray - To The Moon and Back (Live) [Live At Troxy] Gabriel - I Wanna Ahah ! [Kitsune Parisien] A Tribe Called Quest - We Can Get Down [Midnight Marauders] Holy Ghost! - Nicky Buckingham [Work] Hatchie - Without A Blush [Keepsake] DJ Bitman, Ceaese - Para Ti [Para Ti] Bodywash - With Heat [Comforter] BPM Range: 100-110 ]]> Step to the Music 59:50 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Pop, Disco, NuDisco, Techno, Club, Reggaeton, hip hop, rap, avant club, dreampop yes Wed, 25 Sep 2019 21:08:00 -0700 Episode 146: Pleasure Flood Hard Drum? BODY MODS] Sudanim - Pleasure Flood (Drippin Remix) [Pleasure Flood] Sonido Berzerk x MC Mykezinho - Maconha Ou Balinha [Oggun EP] KALA - Synthia [CyberSonicLA Vol 3] Syn & Tension - Demon [Syn EP] DJ JM - Swatch [Cosa Nostra] False Witness - Panic Room (To Lose One's Nerve) ft Kala [THE ART OF FIGHTING] Anna Morgan - Tectonica [CyberSonicLA Vol 3] Radio etc. - Scavenger (Oldman Talkin' Remix) [Alloy EP] Imaabs - Without Hype [HYPE] Acre - City [City] Sneaks - Addix [Highway Hypnosis] Niilas - Dysphoria [CVLT Singles] Deadboy - Sheener [DEEMZ] Bad Zu - HSTLNG [99 PRBLMS] Ariel Zetina - Addy (ft. London Jade) [Cyst EP] NKC - HD Anthem [HD Anthem] DJ Helder - AfrO Okinawa [EP African Magic] CYPHR - KC [Ekleipsis] Rexanthony - Capturing Matrix (Nahshi Edit) [Santa Muerte & Friends Bootlegs and Edits Vol 5] MM - 9th Ritual [MM EP] Kid Antoine - Motion Sensor [Proximity EP] DJ Jayhood - Ass on the Floor [KING] Young Kay - TALK (Feat. Jay Moon GOOD & VINXEN) [Kitsune Singles Club] BPM range: 136-146 ]]> Hard Drum? 59:57 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman dance, ballroom house, club, club edit, hard drum, gqom, no Wed, 06 Mar 2019 21:00:00 -0800 Episode 138: Wonderful Christmas(h)time Yule Tunes III Henchmen - Wonderful Christmastime Rhythm Scholar vs Paul McCartney - Wonderful Christmastime (Rhythm Scholar Kringle Kut Remix) DJ McFly - If You Jinglin' (Vince Guaraldi vs. Jay-Z vs. Common) dj BC - 8-Bit Hip-Hop Christmas (Black EL vs Bit Shifter) DJ Flack - Insane in the Winter Wonderland (Rosemary Clooney vs Cypress Hill vs Mexicali Brass) Sky Ferreira - Omanko [Night Time, My Time] Lenlow - ¿Dónde Está Santa Claus? dj BC - Cold Chillin with Stevie (Stevie Wonder vs Juice Crew Allstars vs Harry Potter vs Bob and Doug MacKenzie) Divide & Kreate - No Sleep Till Christmas (Beastie Boys vs Wham!) Fairmont - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas [A Very Merry Christmas Compilation] Ami-Tan and the Palmtop Tiger - Holy Night (Christmas song from Toradora) ATOM - Wonderland Walker (Peggy Lee vs Fats Domino vs Bjork) Cheekyboy - Give It To Me, Little Drummer Boy (Johnny Cash vs Fatman Scoop vs Fiddy) Miss Frenchie - White Christmas (Electro Remix) Simms & Robinson - White Christmas [Coxsone's Music] Divide & Kreate - Achtung X-Mash Voicedude - F#@% You, Santa! (Cee-Lo Green vs. Jackson 5) Pichard - I Want a New Limb For Christmas DJ John - Lonely Siberian Winter DJ C - Jungle Bells (Bumba Clause Mix ft. Murderbot) Pansy Division - Homo Christmas [Punk Rock Christmas] A Plus D - Xmas Dick In A Box (street version) Salsoul Orchestra - Silent Night [Christmas Jollies] Winechuggers - (I Was) Drunk (On Christmas) [The My Pal God Holiday Record] BPM Range: 95-160 Yule Tunes III 1:06:19 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Holiday, XMas, Christmas, Yule, Hip-Hop, Mashups, Electro, Ska, J-Pop, Industrial, Pop Punk yes Wed, 19 Dec 2018 21:08:00 -0800 Episode 129: Behemoth Step to the Music Sharp Divide] Ckrono - Toma [Now That's What I Call Trax! Volume 1] Syn - Behemoth [Flood Vol. 1] Merca Bae - Attyn- [1000KBae] Slick Rick - Mona Lisa [The Great Adventures of Slick Rick] Dj Jesse - Pimp My Ragga [Dj's Do Guetto Vol. 1] Bohan Phoenix - SOLOW ft. Chauncey, Slodown (prod. Dummy) [SILK ROADS VOL. 1] CYPHR - Stretch Reflex [Co-Op] Kornél Kovács - Urszusz [The Bells] Dasychira - Æon [Haptics EP] WWWINGS - ARCANE [PHOENIXXX] Ital Tek - To Dust [Annual General Meeting Record (Vol. 2)] James K. - My Sorrow Is Luminous [Physically Sick] KALA - ART [Club Chai Vol. 1] De La Soul - Ghetto Thang [3 Feet High And Rising] Fanu - Ranch Dance [Departure] The Coup - Get Up (ft. dead prez) [Party Music] Curve - Die Like A Dog [Peel Sessions] Drake - Childs Play (LAVA DOME REBOUNCE) [Aubrey Graham Changed My Life Volume III] Steve Hauschildt - Dissolvi [Dissolvi] Rejoicer - High On Star Dance [Energy Dreams] BPM: 107]]> Step to the Music 59:59 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Dream Pop, Shoegaze, House, Club, ambient, hip hop yes Wed, 12 Sep 2018 21:27:00 -0700 Episode 124: 300 Looks For the Summer Abacus Dance 13 Chambers] Curve - Frozen [Frozen EP] Mouse On Mars - Wipe That Sound [Radical Connector] Automator - Buck Buck (feat. Poet) [A Much Better Tomorrow] Bob Traxx - Special Some1 (xxxtra special dubxxx) [PRAXIS HOUSTON] Leaders Of the New School - Spontaneous (13 MC's Deep) [T.I.M.E.: The Inner Mind's Eye] ADAMAS 1080p - Jet Riddim [TAR Class of 2017 Vol. II] PAUL - Preservo [Physically Sick 2] 8ULENTINA - MINT (ft. ORGAN TAPES) [EUCALYPTUS] Rob Clouth - The Descent [Clockwork Atom EP] Hanz - Three Min Surgery [Plasty II] Luke Vibert & B.J. Cole - Dischordzilla [Stop the Panic] Nathan Fake - Lea [Sunder EP] Stingray313 - 2.4 GHz ISM [Physically Sick] Machinedrum - She Died There [Room(s)] Borealis - Not Of This Reality (Synkro Mix) [4 Years] CIARA X RUFF SQWAD - RING THE ALARM (DESMANTELO EDIT) [Tormenta Hits Vol. 2] Distal - Let It Roar [Bushido Rave EP] HotRod - Toot Dat 2k18 [Toot Dat] Angelique Kidjo - The Great Curve [Remain In Light] Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone (Dreamcasts x GRRL Remix) [Future Club Vol. 1] Mariah Carey - Thirsty (v1984 Devilock Soft RMX) [BUILD Reconstructions Vol. 1] BPM: 100/150]]> Abacus Dance 59:57 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Rock, Dance Rock, Dork Rock, Mashup, Hip Hop, Club, Techno, Jungle yes Wed, 01 Aug 2018 21:03:00 -0700 Episode 123: Mustn't Hurry Downtempo, Hip Hop and Dembow Mustn't Hurry] Viktor Vaughan - Raedawn [Vaudeville Villain] Neybuu - Digits [CyberSonicLA Vol. 3] Prefuse 73 - Living Life (feat. Rec Center) [Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives] So Drove x P. Morris - Ripple [CyberConicLA Vol. 3] I M M U N E - MAVEN [VOL.1] Dj Fofuxo & Dj Pausas - Tarracho Exxelentt [Dj's Di Guetto Vol. 1] Saul Williams - Lalala [Amethyst Rock Star] Ziúr - Body Of Light (Ziúr & Aïsha Devi) [U Feel Anything?] Photek - Modus Operandi [Modus Operandi] IQU - Teenage Dream (Norowareta Mix) - Team 714 [Teenage Dream] Cujo - Fat Ass Joint [Adventures In Foam] MC 900 Ft. Jesus - O-Zone [Welcome To My Dream] Ancestral Voices - Arachnae [Night of Visions] Plaid - Zamami [Double Figure] king midas sound - Outta Space [waiting for you...] Metra Bae - Merca Kit [Merca Zip /2017/] GIBA - RICH RASTERINHA [Tormenta Hits Vol. 2] The Veronicas - Sajna [The Rough Guide to Bhangra Dance] Florentino - Mamasota [Tu y Yo] D∆WN - Lazarus [REDEMPTION] Jessy Lanza - Strange Emotion [Pull My Hair Back] BPM: 98]]> Downtempo, Hip Hop and Dembow 59:54 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Downtempo, Club, Hip Hop, Rap, Hybrid Club, DnB, Techno, Bhangra, Pop yes Wed, 18 Jul 2018 21:04:00 -0700 Episode 121: Breathing Apparatus ClubXHipHop Soundcloud Release] Hanz - King Speed [Plasty I] Byrell the Great - Malanisha Crash [Chopped Cheese] rRoxymore - Universal Struggle [Physically Sick] Trevino - Plugged [Collective Endeavours 01.2] YoungQueenz & N.O.L.Y ft. 柒羊 - 一丿(YAT PIT) [SILK ROADS VOL. 1] Cannibal Ox - The Power Cosmiq (feat. Kenyattah Black) [Blade of the Ronin] Nonfuture - The Watcher [A New Tribe] Dasychira - Orphic Egg [Haptics EP] The Coup - Breathing Apparatus [Steal This Album] BOY - RUSH (Prod. LOS PUTOS) [Trendy Pack 1] Del tha Funky Homosapien - Hoodz Come in Dozens [I Wish My Brother George Was Here] B.YHZZ - KEY [Intruder Alert Vol. 1] Giggs - Linguo ft. Donae'O [Wamp 2 Dem] Moni Moni - 26,172 (US) Bombs dropped on short notice [Physically Sick] Dizzee Rascal - Fix Up, Look Sharp [Boy In Da Corner] missy misdemeanor elliot - step off [miss addictive] Ziúr - Bud Dallas [Deeform] WWWINGS - PYRO (FT. IMAABS & LAO) [PHOENIX] Chants - 2:22 [NEW YR NEW US 2] SWAN MEAT - MY SWAN SHAKE BRINGS ALL THE BOYS TO THE YARD & THEY'RE LIKE, LET'S COLLAB [Trendy Pack 1] BPM range: 87-132]]> ClubXHipHop 59:57 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Club, Hip Hop, DnB, Techno yes Wed, 20 Jun 2018 20:37:00 -0700 Episode 120: youknowhowwedu deep weird Chopped Cheese] Roska - IMF [Silk Road Sounds Vol. 1] Lechuga Zafiro - Tambor Espada feat. C1080 (Blacksea Não Maya remix) [Aequs Nyama EP] Elon Katz - You Are Alone [The Human Pet] ANGEL-HO - YAH CUNT [ASCENSION] Constellation Botsu - Botsu769 [へったくれろっちゅーに!] dj haram - BODY COUNT [BODY COUNT] amazondotcom - youknowhowwedu [NEW YR NEW US 2] Bass Clef - Fluorescent Shining City [Raven Yr Own Worl] Dane Law - Hirundinidae (Für Arvo Part) [NEW YR NEW US 2] GiL - Wamid [Co-Op] Abyss X - She Bruise II (feat. Violence) [Nüshu] Jackie - Ebb Rise (Gloria/Tagaq) [Co-Op] Swan Meat & Estoc - Lord's Cruelty [Co-Op] B.YHZZ - Inside (Chino Amobi Remix) [Via] 111X - Fading To The Background [TAR Class of 2017 Vol. II] Alex Painter (Great Pagans) - Sweetness [Annual General Meeting Record (Vol. 2)] botaz - un amor cono la lluvia [Kantu] Hanz - Root Words [Plasty I] M.E.S.H. - Signal Ride Drum [Co-Op] M-O-R-S-E - Dual (feat. SWAN MEAT) [Alternative Facts] Ben Frost - Ionia [Ionia] MICHELANGELO - In My Dreams [TAR Class of 2017 Vol. I] Ariana Grande feat. Cashmere Cat - Be My Baby (Dreamcasts Remix) [Free Downloads] BPM Range: 84-158]]> deep weird 59:58 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Club, Funky House, Vogue Club, Underground Club, Deconstructed Club, Modular Synth, Jersey Club, Noise yes Wed, 06 Jun 2018 21:02:00 -0700 Episode 103: It's the End, the End of the '17 (pt I) 100-140 BPM Strange U - Terminator Funk [#LP4080] Dasychira - Sensation [Immolated EP] XUXA SANTAMARIA - Hollywood Babylon [Club Chai Vol. 1] Suda - Faced [Hives] Wildkatz - Holy [Holy Moly] Kid Antoine - Dungeon [HER Records Volume 4] NARGIZ - ooW No More [Club Chai Vol. 1] LCD Soundsystem - Tonite [american dream] Deapmash - Halcyon [Halcyon EP] 8ULENTINA - ADANA 2.7 [Club Chai Vol. 1] DJ Helder - Flute Magic [EP African Magic] NKC - No Drama [HER Records Volume 4] MM - QBT16 [HER Records Volume 4] Sega Bodega - 3310 [Ess B] Sharp Veins - Glowworms (Noelsferatu's Broken Circuit Edit) [BUILD Reconstructions Vol. 1] Scratcha DVA, Killa P, Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones - Bussgun [Visceral Minds 2] DJ Jayhood - DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love [KING] Thoom - Mikal Jackzon ['Blood and Sand'] Suda - Idiopath [Hives] Sega Bodega - CC (ft. Shygirl) [Ess B] MM - 9th Ritual (Suda Remix) [HER Records Volume 4] BPM Range: 106-143 100-140 BPM 1:00:00 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Hip Hop, Brit Hop, Club, Future Club, Underground Club, Dance Rock, Techno, Jersey Club yes Wed, 10 Jan 2018 21:03:00 -0800 Episode 100! 167 minutes of futureclub madness Cooly G - Come Into My Room Boxcutter - Old School Astronomy Air Max '97 - Inside Outside stud1nt - Suture AWRWSW - ELASTIC WWWINGS BEAN - Glory Distal - Tokyo Nail Salon Antxn x Yung Soft - Proximity Jay R Neutron - Qween Beat Attack Lil Taty - Fatty DJ Slink & Sinjin Hawke - Raw Ciara - Overdose (Cheeky Charmander Remix) Zora Jones & Sinjin Hawke - No Shame Sleepycatt - Growing Up Kid Antoine - Expected Encounter Farsight - Phone Tap LCD Soundsystem - On Repeat Kieran Loftus & Gila - DEVILS IN THE DETAILS Dizzee Rascal - Wheel (Fraxinus Reconstruct) Schwarz x Jeremiah Meece - Ceramic Plate Giggs - Outsiders ft. Footsie D Double E Air Max '97 - Hounded Martyn - Hear Me (Zomby Mix) Karen Gwyer - Did You Hear the Owls Last Night? Peverelist - Dance Til The Police Come El-B feat. Juiceman - Buck n Bury Mouse On Mars - Booosc El-P - Sign Here 2562 - Superfight Commodo - Pea Souper Ophex x Chants - Fogo Digitalis dj haram - Birds of Paradise B.YHZZ - Rinnoji (Endgame Remix) Only Now - Remote Viewing GRAŃ - Too Much Le Motel - Lukum Zean - Mockery (Wrack Remix) DJ Tuco - End In Tears Zutzut feat. Lao - Momentos De XTC (CYPHR Remix) M.E.S.H. - Scythians (DJ J Heat Remix) Pantheon of Flesh - Money INTRUDER ALERT - PUSSY 111X LOTIC (B.YHZZ edit) R Y K T - TOKYO DRIFT Martyn Bootyspoon & Zora Jones - Don't Radio etc. - Antimatter A$AP Ferg - Work (Dreamcasts Remix) MM - Reflector Pack (8 Bar) Sudanim - Lightmare Astronomar - Make Me Cum As Pretas - Vai Tomar Acordada (Rewak Remix) Air Max '97 - Chalk Vic Mensa - Down On My Luck (Eastern Bloc Remix) DJ Jayhood - Jersey Anthem (feat. Adolf Joker) Murlo - Ravine CYPHR - Brace Cakes Da Killa - You Ain' Know (Ase Manual Edit) Kirean Loftus & Quest?onmarc - QWEEN FATALE DJ Jayhood - Bad Ink Anthem (feat. Bree) Jay R Neutron - Neuclear Jade & Psure - Endless Night Grimes - Kill V. Maim Pointer Sisters - Jump BPM: 135 167 minutes of futureclub madness 2:47:26 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Club, Jersey Club, Philly Club, Hybrid Club, Techno, Pop, Hip Hop, Brit Hop yes Wed, 29 Nov 2017 21:51:00 -0800 Episode 099: We Blowin' Fractals Mostly Footwork, Some DnB Dawn Day Night - Death of Scorpio [Astrophonica Bundle #2 - The EPs] Young Smoke - Traps in Space [Space Zone] DJ Rashad - Everyday Of My Life (feat. DJ Phil) [Double Cup] Heavee, Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones - Loud [Visceral Minds 2] Jana Rush - Beat Maze [Pariah] Scatta - I Feel Good [Italdred x Dred Collective - Footwork] Moniker Twist - 4 AM Phone Call [ЯΛRΞ ИUĐΞS: ЯП 2015] Fanu x Coleco - Inward Tripper [Bristol-Helsinki EP] Giggs - The Essence [Wamp 2 Dem] A Guy Called Gerald - Cyberjazz [Black Secret Technology] Londy - Love Me [Italdred x Dred Collective - Footwork] v1984 & Zora Jones - The Zone [Visceral Minds 2] Foodman - Awa Buro [COULDWORK] Amon Tobin - Kokubo Sasho Battle [Chaos Theory] Aphex Twin - To Cure A Weakling Child [Richard D. James Album] Moresounds - Flocon [Astrophonica Bundle #2 - The EPs] JLin & Zora Jones - Dark Matter [Visceral Minds 2] DJ Diamond - Karlis Mood [Footwork Or Die] bastiengoat - one for love [culp] DJ Taye and Zora Jones - Neutrino VIP [Visceral Minds] DJ Paypal - Say Goodbye (feat. Keiska & Tielsie) [Sold Out] BPM: 163 Mostly Footwork, Some DnB 1:00:00 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman yes Wed, 15 Nov 2017 21:02:00 -0800 Episode 098: Get Your Snack On A Bit Spooky Kelela - Hallucinogen [Hallucinogen EP] The Clifford Gilberto Rhythm Combination - Kula World [I Was Young and I Needed the Money] Amon Tobin - Get Your Snack On [Supermodified] Run-DMC - Hard Times [The Essential Run-DMC] Curve - Already Yours [Doppelgänger] The Perceptionists - Blō [Black Dialogue] Hercules & Love Affair - True False/Fake Real [Hercules & Love Affair] Bicep - Spring [Bicep] Container - Protrusion [Lp - Ep] Peter Murphy - Deep Ocean Vast Sea [Deep] Shackleton - Something Has Got To Give [Three EPs] 2562 - drumroll [the new today] Run the Jewels - No Come Down [Run the Jewels] Xander Harris - CosaNostra Pizza Delivery [Snow Crash] Martyn - Fashion Skater [The Air Between Worlds] Louie Austen feat. Peaches - Grab My Shaft [Dr. Lektroluv] Ladytron - Playgirl [604] Wildkatz - Moly [Holy Moly] Cathy Dennis - Got To Get Your Love [Move to This] BPM: 120 A Bit Spooky 1:00:00 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Techno, Hip Hop. Electroclash, Goth, Noise Techno, Dance Pop yes Wed, 18 Oct 2017 21:02:00 -0700 Episode 097: Higher Planes More footwork n such Big Black - Racer X [The Hammer Party] Dawn Day Night - Higher Planes [Astrophonica Bundle #2 - The EPs] Grimes - Oblivion [Visions] Felt - Suzanna Vega [Felt: A Tribute to Christina Ricci] DJ Rashad - Let U No (feat. Spinn) [Double Cup] Foodman - Hitou He Go (秘湯へGO) [COULDWORK] Canblaster, Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones - Speedlight [Visceral Minds 2] Wagon Christ - Rendleshack [Tally Ho!] Skepta - Crime Riddim [Konnichiwa] Fanu - Yin Dub [Paracosm] DJ Taye and Zora Jones - Neutrino [Visceral Minds] RP Boo - Night & Day [Classics Vol. 1] Sheik - Expatriot [Italdred x Dred Collective - Footwork] DJ Spinn, DJ Rashad & Sinjin Hawke - Monterrey [Visceral Minds 2] Young Smoke - Korrupted Star [Space Zone] Alex Reese - Pulp Fiction [15 Years of Metalheadz] dj shsHuNj շշունջ - feign (s.m.i.l.e. edit) [SoundCloud release] Los JBW - BODAK (IDFWU) 18' [SoundCloud release] DJ Taj & DJ Diamond Kuts - Rake It Up (Jersey Club Mix) [SoundCloud release] lobsterdust x DJs From Mars - Breathe in the Name of Gay Bar (lobsterdust thunderdome edit) [The Stash] Howse - Porch (Paul Jones remix) [trakz EP] BPM: 156 More footwork n such 1:00:00 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Footwork, DnB, Drum'n'Bass, Hip Hop, Grime, Pop, Punk, Industrial, Club, Mashup yes Wed, 11 Oct 2017 21:01:00 -0700 Episode 095: Better Tomorrows (Sorta!BreakIt!DownLike!THIS!) SECOND ANNIVERSARY JAMSTRAVAGANZA HERBS!!! Lil Taty x Committee - Can't Take It [Data Jumble] Dawn Day Night - Mister Meaner [Astrophonica Bundle #2 - The EPs] Jlin - Black Origami [Black Origami] Dillinja - Angels Fall [15 Years of Metalheadz] Felt - Anneurysm [Felt: A Tribute to Christina Ricci] Enon - Dr. Freeze [Grass Geysers... Carbon Clouds] Dan the Automator - A Better Tomorrow (feat. Kool Keith) [A Much Better Tomorrow] Plug - 7.44 [Plug EP's 1, 2 & 3] Aesop Rock - Battery [Labor Days] $JAYY - ALLDATJAZZ [TAR Class of 2017 Vol. 1] RP Boo - Total Darkness [Bangs & Works Vol. 1] Young Smoke - Lazer Hornz [Space Zone] Machinedrum - Infinite Us [Vapor City] Handsome Boy Modeling School - Metaphysical (feat. Miho Hatori & Mike D) [So How's Your Girl] AbJo - DistortYourNightmares. [DSTRN] Lafawndah - Town Crier [Tan] Prefuse 73 - Life Death (feat. Mikah 9) [Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives] Howse - Car(v)ed (Obey City Remix) [trakz EP] Amon Tobin - Lost & Found [ISAM] Foodman - Majidesu Monogatari [COULDWORK] Sinistarr feat. Tim Reaper - Riff 2 [XIII EP] The Architex - Attitude [Incision LP] Despot - Homesickness [Definitive Jux Presents III] J. Malik - Your Sound [15 Years of Metalheadz] LUNARIOS - TABOO (PROD. BY RULEZ) [Trendy Decay download] Lux Familiar - Risk Game [Italdred x Dred Collective - Footwork] Wildkatz - Jeepers [Jeepers Creepers] DJ Rashad - Double Cup (feat. Spinn) [Double Cup] Swisha Sweet - 90210 [Italdred x Dred Collective - Footwork] EZRA ENTRENA - EL BUMBUM (MORO MIDFLIGHT EDIT) [Club Chai Vol. 1] Sega Bodega - Bacardi [Nivea] Y1640 - WEEP Grimes - Flesh Without Blood [Art Angels] Moresounds - Riddim Again [Astrophonica Bundle #2 - The EPs] Fanu - Da Movement [LIGHTLESS007] Ambr33zy BA! - Fuego Fuego (feat. Acentoh) (Prod. TipiHop) [Club Chai Vol. 1] Gang of Four - Natural's Not In It [Return the Gift] Devo - Whip It [Greatest Hits] Dan the Automator - A Better Tomorrow pt. 2 (feat. Kool Kieth) [A Much Better Tomorrow] Au Pairs - Come Again [Stepping Out of Line] BPM: 160 SECOND ANNIVERSARY JAMSTRAVAGANZA HERBS!!! 2:00:00 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Foootwork, Hip Hop, DnB, Avant Club, Indie Rock, Dance Pop, New Wave, Post-Punk yes Wed, 27 Sep 2017 22:18:00 -0700 Episode 091: Revelations D'n'B w/ Hip Hop Stress Level, TC1, Julen - Revelations [Way of the Samurai] Loxy & Resound - Tropopause [Way of the Samurai 2 'Code of Honour'] Aesop Rock - Coma [Labor Days] BTK - 1999 [That Does It / 1999] Clarity - Constant [Mosaic Vol. 2] Atmospherix - Be Alone [Confessions LP] Kobra - Turret [Street Glory 2 EP] Big Black - Pavement Saw [Songs About Fucking] Subtension & Minor Rain - Sklep [Way of the Samurai 2 'Code of Honour'] The Clifford Gilberto Rhythm Combination - Skippy's First Samba Lesson [I Was Young and I Needed the Money!] Subtle Element - This Sound [Lucid EP] Arclight - Even Song [Migrations EP] Defo - Culture [The Breakbeat Sound of Finland] Cannibal Ox - Vein [The Cold Vein] Nymfo - Floating Point [Way of the Samurai 2 'Code of Honour'] State of Mind - Deadeye [Way of the Samurai] The Clamps - Eternal Hunger [Social Disorder EP] Sonis - West Coast [A New Tribe] Tokyo Prose - Reach [Way of the Samurai 2 'Code of Honour'] BPM: 174 D'n'B w/ Hip Hop 1:00:00 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Drum'n'Bass, D&B, Liquid, Autonomic, Hip Hop, Jazzstep, Post-Punk, Industrial yes Wed, 30 Aug 2017 21:02:00 -0700 Episode 090: This or That Indie vs. Hip Hop vs. Underground Club Hercules & Love Affair - Time Will [Hercules & Love Affair] Slick Rick - Teacher, Teacher [The Great Adventures of Slick Rick] IQU - Teenage Dream (A Dream Like I Hever Had Before Mix) [Teenage Dream] Black Sheep - The Choice Is Yours [A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing] Luke Vibert - Stern Facials [Big Soup] A Tribe Called Quest - Footprints [People's Instinctive Travels And Paths of Rhythm] Enon - Shave [Hocus Pocus] Del Tha Funky Homosapien - Mistadobalina [I Wish My Brother George Was Here] Curve - My Tiled White Floor [Gift] Ghostface Killah - Underwater [Fishscale] GRAŃ - Enough [Candles] Born in Flamez - Careful You Might Tear The Sound [Careful You Might Tear The Sound] Dasychira - Sanctuary [Immolated EP] Elon Katz - Clean Crash [The Human Pet] Run-DMC - Rock Box (7" Version) [The Essential Run-DMC] Wildkatz - Ed Wood [Alternative Facts] Dizzee Rascal - Bubbles [Maths + English] Jade & Acryl - Strip No. 3 [The Venom LP] Wu-Tang Clan - Shame On a Nigga [Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)] Sudanim - The Link [The Link EP] Dangerdoom - Mince Meat [The Mouse & The Mask] Black Sheep - The Choice Is Yours (Revisited) [A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing] BPM:101 Indie vs. Hip Hop vs. Underground Club 1:00:00 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Hip Hop, Nu Disco, Downtempo, Indie Rock, Avant Club, Underground Club, Critic Pop yes Wed, 23 Aug 2017 21:01:00 -0700 Episode 089: Uncertain Soundscapes fun with gater fx S.T. Files - Eric Bristow [Mosaic Vol. 2] Resound & Mineral - Uncertain Soundscapes [The Breakbeat Sound of Finland] Zero T & Mosus - Carbon Black [Way of the Samurai] Wish - Descention [A New Tribe] Company Flow - Collude / Intrude (feat. J-Treads) [Funcrusher Plus] Dub Phizix - Yukon [Mosaic Vol. 2] Getz - City Walk [City Walk EP] Borderline & Subtension - Reaction [Way of the Samurai 2 'Code of Honour'] Clarity - Segment (feat. Skeptical) [Infinite] Genotype - All Broken Up [The Good Turned Ugly EP] Akuma - Planned Obsolescence [Nexus Point Volume 1] John B. - Up All Night [15 Years of Metalheadz] Spindall & Diamond EyE - Hold U [Hold U / Empty House] C.A.B.L.E. - A Change of Seasons [A Change of Seasons EP] Loxy & Matt U - Dictate [Street Glory 2 EP] Fanu - Amok [Homefree] Ink & Perpetuum - Nightshade [Hard Soul Vol. 1] BPM: 172 fun with gater fx 1:00:00 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Drum'n'Bass, D&B, Hip Hop yes Wed, 16 Aug 2017 21:11:00 -0700 Episode 087: No Choice Sinister DnB Instra:mental - Fist Level 2B [Mosaic Vol. 2] Dailin - No Choice [Nexus Point Volume 1] Clarity - Cyclone (feat. Indigo) [Infinite] Aerostat Industry - Ocean of Money [A New Tribe] Grimm & Fiaco - Don't Know What to Do [Street Glory EP] Out of Fuel - Sneaky [The Breakbeat Sound of Finland] Anthony "Shake" Shakir - Flyswatter [Frictionalism 1994-2009] Gremlinz - Fallen (Ahmad remix) [Fallen Remixes EP] Subtle Element - Zulu [Lucid EP] Skeptical - Another World [Mosaic Vol. 1] Klute - Solar Heat [Horo Scope] NC-17 & Grimm - Heart of Darkness [Street Glory EP] Soul Intent - Hysteria [Way of the Samurai] Death Grips - Bass rattle stars out the sky [NO LOVE DEEP WEB] The Clamps - Radiation [Social Disorder EP] Jade - Venom (feat. Rymetyme) [Venom LP] Ink & Perpetuum - Splash in Africa [Hard Soul Vol. 1] DJ Helder - Fincada [EP African Magic] BPM: 172 Sinister DnB 1:00:00 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Drum'n'Bass, D%B, Autonomic, Liquid, Neurofunk, Techno, Rap no Wed, 02 Aug 2017 21:01:00 -0700 Episode 086: Come And Behold (or not) Hip Hop vs. Indie Rock King Midas Sound - Come and Behold (Green Gartside Revoice) [Without You] Charlatans UK - I Don't Want To See the Sights [Between 10th & 11th] Del Tha Funky Homosapien - Ahonetwo, Ahonetwo [I Wish My Brother George Was Here] Enon - Monsoon [Hocus Pocus] Dangerdoom - The Mask (feat. Ghostface Killah) [The Mouse & The Mask] Steinski - the art of getting jumped (feat. Pos) [What Does It All Mean?] El-P - Dead Disnee [Fantastic Damage] Ladytron - Nuhorizons [Light & Magic] Northern State - A Thousand Words [Dying In Stereo] Hercules & Love Affair - Hercules Theme 2014 [The Feast of the Broken Heart] Dr. Octagon - No Awareness [Dr. Octagonecologyst] RJD2 - Exotic Talk [Since We Last Spoke] Felt - Morris Day [Felt, Vol. 2: A Tribute to Lisa Bonet] Tackhead - Mind at the End of the Tether [Sherwood at the Controls Volume 2: 1985-1990] Mista Sinista - SSeriouss! (Architect remix) [75 Ark Takes You to the Bridge] Spoon - I Turn My Camera On [Gimme Fiction] Food For Animals - Elephants [Scavengers] LANGUAGEDOC - Best Of You [Aubrey Graham Changed My Life Volume III] Curve - Coast Is Clear [Frozen EP] Run-DMC - They Call Us Run-D.M.C. [The Essential Run-DMC] Mouse On Mars - Wipe That Sound [Radical Connector] The Roots - Do You Want More?!!!??! [Do You Want More?!!!??!] IQU - Can't You Even Remember That? (Q>C Mix) [Teenage Dream] Wu-Tang Clan - Ain't Nothin' Ta Fuck Wit [Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)] BPM: 100 Hip Hop vs. Indie Rock 1:00:00 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Rock, Hip Hop, Dance Rock, Indie Rock, Industrial, Nu Disco yes Wed, 26 Jul 2017 21:05:00 -0700 Episode 085: Travelers hiphop+c. Anthony "Shake" Shakir - Travelers [Frictionalism 1994-2009] The Illdependents - Innacitytears [Future Sounds of Jazz, Vol. 7] Black Sheep - Try Counting Sheep [A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing] Wagon Christ - E-Z Listener [Throbbing Pouch] A Tribe Called Quest - After Hours [People's Instinctive Travels and Paths of Rhythm] Plaid - Little People [Rest Proof Clockwork] Beauty Pill - For Pretend [Beauty Pill Describes Things As They Are] Battles - Futura [Gloss Drop] The Coup - funk [Kill My Landlord] Material - Don't Lose Control [Disco Not Disco] The Perceptionists - People 4 Prez [Black Dialogue] Kid Koala - Strut Hear [Carpal Tunnel Syndrome] Neneh Cherry - Love Ghetto [Raw Like Sushi] ADULT. - Gimmie Trouble [Gimmie Trouble] Eric B. & Rakim - Paid In Full [The 18th Letter] Siouxsie & The Banshees - Kiss Them For Me [Twice Upon a Time - The Singles] De La Soul - buddy (feat. Q-Tip & The Jungle Brothers) [3 Feet High and Rising] Curve - Faît Accompli [Doppelgänger] missy misdemeanor elliot - dog in heat (featuring redman and method man) [miss addictive] BPM: 100 hiphop+c. 59:41 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Hip Hop, Rap, Rock, Acid Jazz, Techno, Downtempo, Electroclash, Post-Punk yes Wed, 19 Jul 2017 21:04:00 -0700 Episode 084: Malformation Dark Ride Distance - Fading [Mosaic Vol. 1] C-Side - LSD [LSD EP] Yung E & Spindall - Komodo [Nexus Point Volume One] Mister Shifter - Nowhere Fast [A New Tribe] Graphs - Sleep Recursive [A New Tribe] Beastie Respond - One More Second [Mosaic Vol. 2] Interline - Crisis (VIP mix) [Mentality EP] Mr. Lif - Success (feat. Aesop Rock) [I, Phantom] Paragon - Abattoir (Antagonist VIP mix) [Deadly Design EP] Clarity - Malformation [Infinite] Trisector & Infader - Chaos Engine [The Breakbeat Sound of Finland] Ahmad & Scale - Black Cloud (Dub) [Intaference LP] Out of Fuel - Portal [A New Tribe] J. Robinson & Shima feat. Grimm - Come Correct [Street Glory EP] Doc Scott - Swarm [15 Years of Metalheadz] Vector Burn - 1000 Thrones (Fanu remix) [Vector Burn] Jade - This Is My World (Icicle remix) [The Venom LP] 2N - Chronic Smoke [Tales of the Undead] Signs - Poison Dart [Mirror Universe 1] Bowsar & Maject - Breeder [Taled of the Undead] Fanu - About Life and Death [Breakbeat Brew EP] BPM: 172 Dark Ride 1:00:00 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Drum'n'Bass, D&B, Neurofunk, Autonomic, Hip Hop no Wed, 12 Jul 2017 21:03:00 -0700 Episode 078: End the Moderation D'n'B x Hip Hop x Footwork Statehood - End the Moderation [Lies & Rhetoric] Food For Animals - Tween Fantasy [Belly] Heroshe - ill always [TAR Class of 2017 Vol. I] Sherwood & Pinch - Different Eyes [Late Night Endless] Reprazent - Hot Stuff [New Forms] Fierce & Nico - Crystal [Torque] Amon Tobin - Wires & Snakes [Bricolage] El-P - Drive [I'll Sleep When You're Dead] Plug - 3.41 [3 EPs] Saul Williams - Talk to Strangers [Saul Williams] Trace - Droid [Torque] Dizzee Rascal - 2 For (feat. Wiley) [Boy In Da Corner] Dj Marfox - Un Bes Bai [Dj's Di Guetto Vol. 1] Silkie - Only 4 U [City Limits, Vol. 2] Deeds - Fizzy Logic [Annual General Report Vol. 1] Machinedrum - SeeSea [Vapor City] Young Smoke - High Den A Mother Fucka [Space Zone] Foodman - Yokobue Da Yo [Italdred x Dred Collective - Footwork] Johnny 5 - My Bitch [Italdred x Dred Collective - Footwork] DJ Rashad - Acid Bit (feat. Addison Groove) [Double Cup] Franjazzco - Foolin' Myself [Data Jumble] pomDeter - Ultra Bacon Pancake Relax BPM: 160 D'n'B x Hip Hop x Footwork 1:00:04 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Post-Hardcore, Underground Hip-Hop, Footwork, Dub, Drum'n'Bass, Hip-Hop yes Wed, 24 May 2017 21:15:00 -0700 Episode 075: De La Slow 154/77 quickslow Ancestral Voices - Priests of MU [Yantra]Pole - Strand [3]Amon Tobin - Goto 10 [ISAM]Lovage - Lies and Alibis [Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By]A/T/O/S - heartbreaker [Valentines Day D/Load]De La Soul - WRMS' Dedication to the Bitty [is dead]Blonde Redhead - Black Guitar [Penny Sparkle]Automator - It's Over Now (feat. Kool Keith) [A Much Better Tomorrow]AbJo - Relentless [DSTRN]Handsome Boy Modeling School - Sunshine (feat. Sean Lennon, Money Mark, Father Guido Sarducci, Josh Hayden & Paula Frazer) [So How's Your Girl...]A Guy Called Gerald - The Nile [Black Secret Technology]Lovage - Anger Management [Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By]The Clifford Gilberto Rhythm Combination - Brasilia Freestyle [I Was Young and I Needed the Money]Reprazent - New Forms (feat. Bahamadia) [New Forms]De La Soul - Cat's in Control [is dead]Stereolab - Slow Fast Hazel [Emperor Tomato Ketchup]Plug- Yes Man [Back On Time]Katy B - Go Away [On A Mission]El-P - Poisenville Kids No Wins (feat. Cat Power) [I'll Sleep When You're Dead]Trans Am - Sad and Young [Futureworld] BPM: 154 154/77 quickslow 1:00:16 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Autonomic, Dub, Drum 'n' Bass, Hip Hop, Indie Rock, Future Club yes Wed, 19 Apr 2017 21:04:00 -0700 Episode 074: Right Business BABYLON PARTY CRASHERS! Gazelle Twin - Outer Body [Annual General Meeting Record (Vol. 1)]Benge - Septobel [Annual General Meeting Record (Vol. 1)]FKA Twigs - Mothercreep [M3LL155X]AbJo - Torn Asunder [DSTRN]Aesop Rock - Save Yourself [Labor Days]Arca - Xen (False Witness Remix) [False Witness Remixes]Dizzee Rascal - Graftin' [Showtime]Le Motel - Right Business [45°34°50°]Barker - Hot Lover [Like an Animal EP]Dj Fofuxo - My Body [Dj's Di Guetto Vol. 1]Kode9 - Void [Nothing]Dj Nervoso - Paradise [Dj's Di Guetto Vol. 1]SWISHA x AceMo x Kush Jones - SHE THROWIN AZZ (feat. Rainey) [Soundcloud]Death Grips - Black Dice [NO LOVE DEEP WEB]Autechre - Stud [Tri Repetae++]Handsome Boy Modeling School - Look At This Face (Oh My God They're Gorgeous) [So How's Your Girl...]The Residents - The Moles Are Coming (Intermission) [Mark of the Mole]Food for Animals - Mutumbo [Belly]Machinedrum - U Don't Survive [Room(s)]Run the Jewels - Twin Hype Back (ft. Prince Paul as Chest Rockwell) [Run the Jewels]Skepta - It Ain't Safe (feat. Young Lord) [Konnichiwa]The Coup - Fixation [Steal This Album]Babyland - Gehry [The Finger] BPM: 150 Recorded live in one take using Traktor BABYLON PARTY CRASHERS! 1:00:00 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, IDM, Underground Club, Underground Hip-Hop, Grime, Footwork, Techno, Hip Hop, Electro Junk Punk yes Wed, 12 Apr 2017 21:07:00 -0700 Episode 065: The Loser Dedicated to DJT, the Biggest Loser Derrick Harriott - The LoserAncestral Voices - Sleepless Night, First LightZach Lubin - Now You Are From Beyond[Martin Luther King, Jr. - I've Been to the Mountaintop]Au Pairs - AmericaCommodo - HWTLe Makeup - AkasithiaLTJ Bukem - Deserted Vaults (Instrumental)Dub Specialist - Feel the DubDub Syndicate - Snatch a StyleKing Tubby - Class One DubCamu Tao - Hold the FloorFutureheads - CopeRob Sonic - F.U. for Failure UglyBig Black - Big MoneyRun-DMC - Tougher Than LeatherThe Dismemberment Plan - Survey SaysMC 900 Ft Jesus - Adventures in FailureStrange U - Falcon PunchThe Obits - No Fly ListEx Hex - You Fell ApartGrimes - Belly of the BeatAllen Toussaint - Yes We Can Can BPM: 89 Dedicated to DJT, the Biggest Loser 1:00:00 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Rocksteady, Autonomic, Techno, Post-Punk, Grime, Dub, Hip Hop, Indie Rock, Punk, Post-Hardcore, Pop, Jazz yes Wed, 01 Feb 2017 21:02:00 -0800 Episode 063: Welcome to the God Damn Terrordome Fuck Reagan, Fuck Bush, Fuck Trump The Coup - Ghetto ManifestoKiller Mike - ReaganStrange U - Mr. KillSaul Williams - List of DemandsThe Roots - Don't Feel Right (feat. Maimouna)Mr. Lif - Home of the BraveThe Coup - Piss On Your GraveDel the Funky Homosapien - Pissin' on Your StepsDangerdoom - Vats of UrineReflection Eternal - This Means You (feat. Mos Def)A Tribe Called Quest - We The PeopleMos Def - MathematicsThe Coup - 20,000 Gun SaluteThe Perceptionists - People 4 PrezPublic Enemy - Can't Truss ItPublic Enemy - Fight the PowerPublic Enemy - Welcome to the TerrordomePublic Enemy - Power to the People BPM range: 83-126 Fuck Reagan, Fuck Bush, Fuck Trump 1:00:00 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Rap, Hip-Hop yes Wed, 18 Jan 2017 21:01:00 -0800 Episode 059: Taut & Tame Everything but the kitchen sink Tortoise - Taut & Tame (Luke Vibert Remix)Curve - Superblaster Amb MixHandsome Boy Modeling School - Waterworld (feat. Encore)Aphex Twin - Girl/Boy (£18 Snare Rush Mix)Aesop Rock - FlashfloodFood For Animals - Bubbleguts/TerritoryKid Drama - One 6 EightGang of 4 - EtherMurs - And This is For...System - Sound ManSaul Williams - Act III Scene 2 (Shakespeare)Machine Drum - The PalaceTalib Kweli - Gun MusicAdam F. - MetropolisThe Coup - BusterismologyPlug - DeliciousLEVELS - LVL09Motherfucker - Carl Sagan's GhostQuasimoto - Axe PuzzlesSynkro - The WayADULT. - Strange MistakesVanity 6 - Wet DreamKaty B - Disappear BPM: 167 Everything but the kitchen sink 1:00:00 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Post-Rock, Drum & Bass, Hip-Hop, Rap, Punk, Rock, Funk, Pop yes Wed, 30 Nov 2016 21:02:00 -0800 Episode 054: Once Again Random Left Turns Obits - Taste the Diff Ifihadahifi - Doubting Thomas Telescope Superchunk - FOH Amon Tobin - Natureland Handsome Boy Modeling School - Once Again (Here to Kick One for You) [feat. Grand Puba & Sadat X] Nico & Ed Rush - Mothership Dizzee Rascal - Wot U On? Aphex Twin - 4 Killer Mike - Butane (Champions Anthem) [feat. El-P] Boxcutter - KAB 28 Cannibal Ox - Scream Phoenix Plug - Back on Time Dr. Octagon - Waiting List (DJ Shadow/Automator Mix) Howse - Fete Anthony "Shake" Shakir - Things Come and Go Machinedrum - Don't 1 2 Lose U Objekt - Strays Grimes - Genesis Heavy Manners - Babaloni Girl Mouse on Mars - Mood Leck Backlash Enon - Mikazuki   BPM: 166 Random Left Turns 1:00:00 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Rock, D'n'B, Hip Hop, Pop, Ska yes Wed, 19 Oct 2016 23:00:00 -0700 Episode 051: Music for... how many? Steve Reich - Music for 18 Musicians: PulsesAncestral Voices - La PurgaAmon Tobin - Verbal (Boom Bip Remix)Autechre - Arch CarrierAnimals on Wheels - Modular ExistenceCommodo - Köfte CloudKazino - BinaryVoice of Authority - Runing (Feeling Wild) [feat. Congo Ashanti Roy]Aesop Rock - Dead PanBig Dada Sound - ShowtimeSaucy Yoda - Pantie FlossLEVELZ - Bow WowLotic - HeteroceteraIpaGhost - OccipitalDel the Funky Homosapien - MistadobalinaHercules & Love Affair - AtheneSlick Rick - Let's Get CrazyGrimes - CaliforniaColdcut - Music 4 No Musicians BPM: 105 how many? 1:00:00 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Minimalism, Autonomic, D&B, IDM, Post-Dubstep, Post-Disco, Hip Hop, Grime yes Wed, 21 Sep 2016 21:04:00 -0700 Episode 050: Naptime Party Like it's 1993 Kid Koala - NaptimeSteinski - The Big Man Laughs (feat. DJ P-Love)Lush - Nothing NaturalThe Jesus and Mary Chain - Sugar RayCurve - Die Like a DogGang of 4 - History of the WorldYo La Tengo - Watch Out For Me RonnieThe Monorchid - Controversial TrousersSynthetic Id - Brain SpiralSix Finger Satellite - Solitary HiroNewcleus - AutomanAfricans With Mainframes - K.M.T.Luke Vibert & B.J. Cole - Hipalong HopEric B. & Rakim - Lyrics of FuryPublic Enemy - Fight the PowerThe Coup - Five Million Ways to Kill a CEORun-DMC - Walk This WayTortoise - Lithium StiffsAncestral Voices - Paititi BPM: 106 Party Like it's 1993 1:00:03 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Hip-Hop, Alternative, Post-Punk, Electro no Wed, 14 Sep 2016 21:13:00 -0700 Episode 044: Wormhole Neurofunk vs Hip Hop (172 vs 86 BPM) El-P - Constellation RemixOptical - MillenniumFortran - SplinterEd Rush & Optical - WormholeAgressor Bunx - QuashNC-17 & KC - Arboria Murs - H.U.S.T.L.E.Aesop Rock - Bracket BasherPrefuse 73 - Smile in Your FaceEl-P & Camu Tao - WMRThe Roots - Rising Down (feat. Mos Def & Styles P)Killer Mike - Anywhere But HereDeltron 3030 - Things You Can Do Bowsar & Term - MotionCod3x - Danger TimeMob Tactics - Tuff GuyTrilo feat. Nuklear MC - Punk FunkDub Elements feat. MC Dino - Shots FiredMindscape & BTK - Road RageAxiom feat. 2Shy - Watch My World BurnCom Truise - Alfa Beach Neurofunk vs Hip Hop (172 vs 86 BPM) 1:00:06 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Drum & Bass, DnB, Neurofunk, Hip Hop, Rap yes Wed, 03 Aug 2016 21:07:00 -0700 Episode 039: Show U How Drum'n'Bass vs. Footwork vs. Hip Hop Kim Wilde - Kids in AmericaPublic Enemy - By the Time I Get to ArizonaDJ Rashad - Show U How (feat. Spinn)Plug - Come On My SkeletonDr. Octagon - Technical DifficultiesThird Eye Foundation - No Dove No CovenantDub Specialist - Pretty VersionDJ Roc - One Blood----FKA Twigs - NumbersAmon Tobin - NightlifeBlack Sheep - BluntedIsaac Hayes - I Want to Make Love to You So BadHowse - VBSDizzee Rascal - Flyin'u-ziq - KubbaJLin - GuantanamoDJ QBert - Turntable TV (Re-Vizion)Tha Pope - All The Things----Food For Animals - Swampy (Summer Jam)Young Smoke - Futuristic MusickTweet - Oops, Oh My (Remix feat. Fabolous & Missy Elliot)Fracture ft. Dawn Day Night - Get Down to the Funky BeatMachinedrum - The StatueTraxman - Compute FunkKiller Mike - Untitled (feat. Scar)Wugazi - Sleep Rules Everything Around Me BPM: 80/160 Drum'n'Bass vs. Footwork vs. Hip Hop 59:58 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, New Wave, Rap, Footwork, DnB, Dub, R&B, Grime yes Wed, 29 Jun 2016 21:03:00 -0700 Episode 036: Move Somethin' Hip Hop II Reflection Eternal - Move Somethin'Felt - I Shot a WarholQuasimoto - Basic InstinctDeltron 3030 - VirusDJ QBert - Razorblade Alcohol SlideMr. Lif - The FriesThe Coup - Get That Monkey off your backFood For Animals - Brand NewHeliocentrics - UntitledRob Sonic - DyslexiaVictor Vaughn - SalivaStrange U - Part MachineS.A. Smash - Devil In the HoleApani B-Fly Emcee - Outa Site (feat. L.I.F.E.)E-A-SKI Presents IMG - The Saga (feat. Ferguson)Dynamic Syncopation - 2 Tha LeftMos Def - Do It Now (feat. Busta Rhymes)RUN-DMC - Come On Everybody (feat. Q-Tip)Wu-Tang Clan - Clan In Da FrontEric B. & Rakim - Microphone FiendThe Roots - In The Music (feat. Malik B. & Porn)Ghostface - R.A.G.U. (feat. Raekwan)Missy Elliot - watcha gon' do (feat. Timbaland)A Tribe Called Quest - We Can Get Down BPM: 93 Hip Hop II 59:57 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Rap, Hip-Hop yes Wed, 08 Jun 2016 20:47:00 -0700 Episode 029: Into the Freedom World 150 BPM Part 2: Monophony, Polyphony, Cacophony (I put this shit together and even I don't know what's going on here) Mice Parade - Into the Freedom WorldADULT. - Scare Up the BirdsBombay the Hard Way - Uptown Bollywood NightsBattles - Wall StreetMachinedrum - Lay Me DownEnon - CarbonationAmon Tobin - Back from SpaceDizzee Rascal - FaceCurve - Forgotten SanityAutechre - Sim GishelThe Weeknd - High For ThisKode9 - Vacuum PackedSaul Williams - Om Nia MericanEyedea & Abilities - NowPlug - Brave LickKelela - The HighNeil Landstrumm - Dirty ButcherFranz Ferdinand - All My FriendsDJ Trouble - Fuck Um Up Jus BasicsGnarls Barkley - Go-Go Gadget GospelDevo - Beautiful WorldSheep on Drugs - X-Lover (Critter Mix)Fischerspooner - EmergeKode9 - NotelFKA Twigs - Lights On BPM Range: 150-55 150 BPM Part 2: Monophony, Polyphony, Cacophony 59:55 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Electroclash, Bollywood, Rock, Footwork, Electronic, Drum'n'Bass, Grime, Hip Hop, R&B, New Wave yes Wed, 20 Apr 2016 21:02:00 -0700 Episode 011: Something's Gotta Give Just One Political Song... The Roots - SacrificeAfro Cuban Band - Something's Gotta GiveHyetal - Diamond IslandsDizzee Rascal - Stop DetBlonde Redhead - Top RankingNeu! - HallogalloDeltron 3030 - Turbulence (Mark Bell Remix)Steinski - JazzThe Coup - Ride the FenceUp Bustle & Out - Hip Hop BarrioWagon Christ - Manalyze This!DJ Vadim - Non-Lateral HypothesisGang of Four - Not Great MenLadytron - Cease2xistArchie Shepp - Attica Blues BPM Range: 97-155 Just One Political Song... 1:00:04 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Disco, Hip Hop, Grime, Electro, Post-Punk, Krautrock, Dubstep yes Wed, 09 Dec 2015 22:23:00 -0800 Episode 010: Rock'n'Roll Could Never Ever Hip Hop Like This Instrumental Hip Hop Handsome Boy Modeling School - Rock N' Roll (Could Never Hip Hop Like This)Prefuse 73 - Smile in Your FaceMadlib - StormyThe Heliocentrics - Before I DieRJD2 - Cut Out to FLDJ Qbert - Sneak AttackMr. Scruff - UgBlack Star - Yo YeahThe Coup - pam's songThe Roots - ? Vs. RahzelClifford Gilberto - The 10th VictimFood for Animals - Grapes (Reprise)Peanut Butter Wolf & Madlib - RawcoreColdcut - Give It UpCabbageboy - Rhythm & Blues Angus SteakhouseFlying Lotus - Glendale GalleriaAesop Rock - Forest CrunkAnimals on Wheels - The Difference Between Good Erics P.S.Strange U - Beast MoogThe Roots - !!!!/Sacrifice BPM Range: 63-108 Instrumental Hip Hop 59:59 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman Dance, Hip-Hop, Instrumental no Wed, 02 Dec 2015 22:23:00 -0800 Episode 006: Shake It No More Steppin' by da Suckaz MC Shy D - Shake ItDizzee Rascal - Stand Up TallWiley - Wearing My RolexSlick Rick - Let's Get CrazyFelt - Employees of the YearNorthern State - At the PartyStetsasonic - Sally WalkDe La Soul - This is a Recording 4 Living in a Fulltime Era (L.I.F.E.)Victor Vaughan - Vaudeville VillainDel tha Funky Homosapien - Sleepin' on My CouchBlack Sheep - Try Counting SheepFood for Animals - Tween My LipsMr. Lif - BrothazMadvillain - All CapsMr. Lif - Brothers (feat. Cannibal Ox)Prefuse 73 - Hide Ya Face (feat. El-P and Ghostface)A Tribe Called Quest - Ham 'n' EggsThe Coup - Sneakin' InNewcleus - Jam on It BPM range: 88-135 No More Steppin' by da Suckaz 59:46 (Bob Chapman) Bob Chapman dance, rap, hip-hop, grime, glitch-hop yes Wed, 04 Nov 2015 13:41:00 -0800