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M+/M- Ep. 161: SUGAR


Sugar Power- Sugar Power Theme (EP- 2017)


The Archies- Sugar Sugar (Everything’s Archie, 1969)

Eggs- Sugar Babe (b-side, 1993)

D’Angelo- Brown Sugar (Brown Sugar, 1995)

The Guess Who- No Sugar Tonight (American Woman, 1970)

Thin Lizzy- Sugar Blues (Chinatown, 1980)


Nina Simone- I Want a Little Sugar In My Bowl (Sings the Blues, 1967)

Talking Heads- Sugar on My Tongue (77, 1977)

Sam Cooke- Sugar Dumpling (single, 1965)

Nancy Sinatra- Sugar Town (Sugar, 1967)

McGuire Sisters- Sugar Time (single, 1957)


Stone Roses- Sugar Spun Sister (s/t, 1989)

Jimmy Glimmer & the Fireballs- Sugarshack (single, 1963)

YLT- Sugarcube (I Can Hear the Heart.., 1997)

Ike & Tina Turner- Sugar Sugar (Deliah’s Power, 1977)

Mates of State- 17 Pink Sugar Elephants (Crushes, 2010)


Smart Went Crazy- Sugar in Your Gas Tank (Now We’re Even, 1996)

X- Sugarlight (Los Angeles, 1980)

Rolling Stones- Brown Sugar (Sticky Fingers, 1971)

Juliana Hatfield- Sugar (Weird, 2019)

Sonic Youth- Sugar Kane (Dirty, 1992)


Life- Sugar God (Popular Music, 2017)

Book Burners- Sugar Up, Baby (State Fair Fight Songs, 2012)

Hurry Up Shotgun- Watermelon Sugar (S/t, 2011)

Fred Schneider- Sugar in My Hog (Just Fred, 1996)

Poster Children- Sugarfriend (No More Songs…, 2004)


Johnny Cash- Chattanooga Sugar Babe (Unearthed, 2003)

Boss Hog- Sugar Bunny (Drinkin’, Letchin’, & Lyin’, 1989)

Sweet Nothing- Black Sugar (Nada Dulce, 2010)

Unwound- Pure Pain Sugar (Fake Train, 1993)

Ladytron- Sugar (Witching Hour, 2005)


Brutus- Sugar Dragon (Nest, 2019)



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