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M+/M- Ep. 164: BOOM BOOMS


Die Antwoord- Fatty Boom Boom (single, 2012)


House of Pain- Shamrocks & Shenanigans, Boom…(s/t, 1992)

M.I.A.- Boom ADD (Matangi, 2013)

L’Trimm- Cars That Go Boom (Grab It, 1988)

Beastie Boys- Boomin’ Granny (Jimmy James EP, 1992)

Aesop Rock- Boom Boy (Labor Days, 2001)


bbigpigg- Baby Boom (single, 2018)

The Slats- Boom Patrol (Boom Patrol, 2006)

Quatre Tête- You’re a Dumb Boom Box (Art of the State, 2008)

Murder City Devils- Boom Swagger Room (s/t, 1997)

Uppertown- Ok, Boomer (Creep’s Room, 2020)


Adam Franklin- Boom! (Black Horses, 2013)

James- Boom Boom (Hey, Ma, 2008)

Wild Flag- Boom (s/t, 2011)

Pixies- What Goes Boom (Indie Cindy, 2014)

June of 44- Boom (Anatomy of Sharks EP, 1996)


Gauche- Boom Hazard (A Peoples History, 2019)

Pat Travers- Boom Boom (s/t, 1976)

Imelda May- Johnny’s Got a Boom Boom (Love Tattoo, 2008)

The Shangra-Las- Sophisticated Boom Boom (B-side, 1965)

John Lee Hooker- Boom Boom (single, 1961)


The Crew Cuts- Sh Boom Sh Boom (single, 1954)

Lulu- Boom Bang-a-Bang (single, 1969)

Tom Waits- lang Boom Steam (Real Gone, 2004)

Warren Zevon- Boom Boom Mancini (Sentimental Hygiene, 1987)


The Jamaicans- Ba Ba Boom (single, 1967)

Buju Banton- Boom Bye Bye (single, 1992)

Apache Indian- Boom Shack-a Lack  (Nuff Vibes EP, 1993)

Kraftwerk- Boing Boom Tschak (Electric Cafe, 1986)

Westworld- Sonic Boom Cafe (single, 1987)


Method Man- Boom (single, 2020)

DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince- Boom Shake the Room (Code Red, 1993)

Cypress Hill/Fugees- Boom Biddy Bye (single, 2014)


The Hives- Tick Tick Boom (Black & White, 2007)



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