So you want to submit some music for Radio NOPE huh? Let’s start with the basics, have you heard the station? Are you aware of what we do?

Not trying to be jerks here, but we have a comprehensive music library of badass stuff that could play no repeats for 6 months and still be fantastic. The bar is pretty high for us to add new stuff, and we reject way more than we add.

Are you: A jam band? A Soundcloud rapper? A sensitive singer songwriter?

No judgement, there is an audience for all of those things. It just isn’t ours. The station is free-form but generally associated with rock. That’s usually rock of the independent or more loud variety.

Send streaming links (bandcamp, soundcloud, youtube, dropbox, etc.) of three BEST songs to us at the following address: musicdirector at radionope dot com

Please don’t send any bandcamp downloads or raw mp3s. If we put it in rotation, we’ll write you back

Just make sure you outline which three are the ones you are sending with SUBMISSION and the bandname and album name in the e-mail title.

in the text of the e-mail you should list the song names and streaming links.

You should also include a RIYL. No, that isn’t a phrase used to summon Cthulu. It stands for: Recommended If You Like. Yes, yes, we know. You sound like no other bands that have ever existed or ever will exist. But think of feedback you’ve gotten where friends or fans have have favorably compared you to bands you like. This helps put your art in context.


SUBMISSION: Funk Knuckle – Besieged! (By Gnomes)Song: Confederacy of Dancing – (streaming link)
Song: Slappin’ and Poppin’ for Peace – (streaming link)
Song: Everybody’s Funkin’ – (streaming link)
RIYL: Minutemen, Gang of Four, Primus

SUBMISSION: Tunafist – Bojangles Unchained
Song: Generation of Swine – (streaming link)
Song: Letdown – (streaming link)
Song: South of No North – (streaming link)
RIYL: Mudhoney, Melvins, Janitor Joe

SUBMISSION: The Ghost Soldier Players – Darkest Nights

Song: The Tomb – (streaming link)
Song: The Hunger – (streaming link)
Song: The Talisman of Zaros – (streaming link)
RIYL: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Leonard Cohen, Bauhaus

Feel free to add entreaties, limericks, personal anecdotes, whatever… but that is the info we absolutely have to have and that’s the format it needs to be in.

Once you have done this our hard working MD David Camp, or his hardworking Assistant Bob Chapman will put it in queue and it will be reviewed. Again: Please don’t send any download links or raw mp3s, streams only. If we put it in rotation, we’ll write you back for a download.

It’s also important to note that RadioNOPE is a not for profit free-form station. Nobody is making any money off of this, we do it all for the love of music and for the ultimate vision of making this the best possible station it can be.