Radio NOPE – 2015-2023

We were Radio Nope.

We’d say, “that’s a wrap”, but it’s more like, “that’s a fat Mission burrito completely stuffed with everything we want”. We’d say, “we’re pulling the plug”, but it’s more like we’re dragging a mouse over a prompt, and after taking a deep breath, hitting “yes I’m sure”. We’d say, “we’re calling it a day”, but it’s been 8 years. On March 31st, 2023, 8 years after launching, Radio Nope will cease our live broadcasting.

While, yes, we’re very sentimental about coming to the end of the road here, concluding operations doesn’t really feel like a sad thing (or a happy one for that matter), but, ya know, we simply feel the time is right to remove the train from its tracks, and that train in all its homemade ragged glory (including all podcasts) shall continue to exist on its online shelf that we call an ARCHIVE (which will continue to be found at

It has been an incredible ride and the community, in the many incarnations that it has developed over the years, will be something that we always treasure. We existed before on-demand walled garden streaming supremacy and spent a lot time swimming upstream with not just DJ Curated content, but theme days of bands we loved and felt deserved celebration.

It truly was a community, but it is also a chapter that is closing. We will have a series of special programs celebrating our history as a station. We invite you to join us in the chatbox for the time we have left together.

Thanks to Bob Chapman for tirelessly programming and Music Directing in recent years. Brian Musikoff for programming, Social Media, and heading up the visual art division for years, Tunacan Jones for Music Direction and programming help, Elliot Turton for our amazing station IDs and stingers, and the reluctant captain of the ship Conan Neutron for engineering the software, site, original music library and more, forging forward with the idea and relentlessly working behind the scenes to make it happen.

Thanks to: Jacques Granger, Tree Voigt, Mike Upchurch, Bradley Weissenberger (RIP), Jeff Moody, Brenna Betts, Josh Davis, Jim Donaldson, Joe Selby, Chris Williams, Deb Smith, Norman Druker, Graham Hick, Nick and Lysa, Thrashterpiece Theater crew, Pat Walsh, John Houlihan, Adam Kurzawa, Ryan Collison, Mario Asaro, Tommy Rockstar, Lisa Ferris, Alban and Natalie, Joe Sepi, Zach Orbin, Brian Way, Jon Solomon, Mark and Mike, James Burns, Maxsim Stoimenov, Martin Petrov, Stephen Sowley and anybody else we may have temporarily forgotten over 8 years of non-stop and not for profit original content.

We’re not quitting, we’re finishing.